FTG Unpad to Towards Faculty Internationalization

[Unpad.ac.id, 19/12/2012] The key performance indicators (IKK) Unpad Geological Engineering (FTG) has show good results in terms of international partnerships, publication, and teaching staff achievements as well as patenting several intellectual property rights (HAKI).

According to Hendarmawan, the dean of FTG, programs that IKK include are directed towards the faculty internationalization, of which highest achievement is to be scored in 2013. “We are to go for internationalization. Our IKK bodes well for the future,” he said when met at his office in Unpad, Jatinangor last Tueday (18/12).

There are five teaching staff members who are successfully published their research in several international journals, in addition to one student who has also scored the same achievement. Some others managed to give good name to the faculty through international and national geological competitions, to name but a few are best presenter award and best poster award in the Second Asia Africa Mineral Resources Conference last September.

What’s more, several intellectual rights have been patented, one of which is erosion calculation formula by Emy Sukiyah. Some other teaching staff have taken part in many pieces of joint research on disaster mitigation, gas and oil, energy, land conservation, and coal bed methane.

In addition to Short Course programs, Student and Teacher exchange programs with Kyushu  University, Hokaido University are now in progress. The faculty has also admitted students from Timor Leste, United States, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. As a follow up, the faculty plans to open bilingual classes.

Despite wanting elements in particular programs, the Key Performance Indicators have reach 74% of success. “We are fully aware that there is still some lacks. But we are committed to fixing them and making them excellent programs,” Hendarmawan added.

The faculty is to attend Performance Workshop held Thursday (20/12) on which work performance of faculties, administrative staff, and the campus in general will be displayed for the public.