Time extension for tuition payment by June 19, 2013

[Unpad.ac.id, 18/06/2013] Registration for Unpad freshmen, class of 2013 admitted via SNMPTN route, has started today (18/06) and ends tomorrow (19/06). As for tuition payment, technically speaking, it ended on June 17. However, there are a number of students who did not make the payment yet.

A student after completing registration process, showing his student identification card

Unpad Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. H. Engkus Kuswarno, M.S., stated that due to some predicament in determining the amount of fee to be paid, Unpad would give time extension up to June 19, 2013.

The predicament was related to single tuition rate recently implemented by the university. Many students and parents did not accurately fill in the form on their financial condition online. This, according to the Academic Administration Bureau Unpad, resulted in payment postponement from 270 students.

To overcome such situation, Unpad now opens helpdesk, providing information on registration and tuition payment, and appoints a number of banks, which opens its representative booth in Bale Santika PPBS where payment can be made immediately.

As to single tuition rate for SBMPTN route, the fee is adjusted pursuant to the Minister of Culture and Education Decree No. 55 Year 2013 on Single Tuition Rate. ‘SBMPTN is independent route, making used of national entrance examination procedure,” said Kuswarno.

Single tuition rate is a flat tariff resulting from total unit cost deducted by BOPTN. Afterwards, it is adjusted further by looking at price index that each study program has. Study programs like health discipline, engineering, and natural sciences have higher price indices compared to social sciences and humanities.

If there are students whose financial conditions are unstable, Unpad would endow them with scholarship programs as long as they have high achievement accumulative index. “The appointed banks, in addition, provide loans to overcome any financial problems,” Kuswarno said.


The rector’s decree on single tuition rate in Sarjana and Diploman Programs in Unpad