Being active in various student organizations does not keep Marlis Nawawi from getting excellent IPK

[, 28/08/2013] Time management is a definite must, especially for students who are academically and socially active in campus. Marlis Nawawi, who recently graduated from Animal Husbandry program, believes in the importance of time management and, thus, upon graduating from the program he managed to get an excellent IPK (achievement accumulative index, equivalent to GPA) 3.93 of scale 4.00.

Marlis Nawawi, graduated with the highest IPK announced at the Unpad commencement ceremony, batch IV academic year 2012/2013

“Time management tells us to carefully organize our study time, organization time, and time allotted for other activities,” said Nawai when interviewed in Unpad PR office on Friday (23/08). Not only was he active academically, Nawawi took part in various organizations such as DKM Fapet  Unpad, FKDF Unpad, and KAMMI. He believes that being active in numerous organizations offers him great opportunity to excel.

“Not all knowledge can be obtained from class. There are some that we can get from being active in organizations in which we can practically measure our self competence. The greatest challenge is when we directly get involved in the society,” he said. For him, his study and his activities in the organizations have the same level of importance.

Furthermore, Nawawi was awarded scholarship program from SIKLUS JABAR, from the Government of West Java Province—the very scholarship that got him to complete his study on time. Now, he is already registered as a master’s student in the same discipline in Unpad with the help of Fast Track Program from DIKTI which enables him to pursue graduate degree after he has completed a required number of credits in undergraduate program.

“I’m now becoming more and more encouraged to get my master degree on time so that I can go for doctoral degree,” he added.

His success, he believes, is also due to his parents blessing and prayers. “They had worked really hard to get college fund for me before I was finally endowed scholarship. Their hard work motivated me to score this achievement,” said he. To return their favor, Nawawi is looking forward to having their parents go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.