27 August 2013

Dini Nurlelasari, the first Bidikmisi scholarship grantee who graduates from Unpad

[Unpad.ac.id, 27/08/2013] After studying for 2 years and 11 months, Dini Nurlaelasari eventually earned a bachelor’s and graduated today, Tuesday (08/27). The newly-graduate of the History Department of Unpad Faculty of Arts is a grantee of Bidikmisi scholarship who first graduates from Unpad.

“Thank you very much for giving me a chance to be awarded Bidikmisi scholarship. But of course this is not the end. The greater responsibility is waiting for me ahead. I have to be useful for many people,” said Dini, expressing her gratitude when met in the Unpad Public Relation office, Bandung, after graduation ceremony Session I on Tuesday (08/27).

Bidikmisi is a tuition assistance program provided by the government through the Directorate General of Higher Education (Directorate General of Higher Education) Ministry of Education and Culture. This scholarship program was first awarded in 2010 to students with good academic potential, who might not otherwise be financially able. Dini was one of the 500 students admitted in Unpad with financial assistance from Bidikmisi in that year.

As a grantee of Bidikmisi scholarship, Dini admits that she gets a lot of benefits from it. Besides being able to take up study in a state university for free, she also received monthly allowance and book allowance  each semester. That way, Dini doesn’t have to be a burden her parents. “I can ease my parents’ burden. They run a small business to make a living,” said the girl who was born in Bandung on February 19, 1992.

From free tuition fee comes great moral responsibility. Dini feels that she is morally obligated to study harder and to achieve more than others. She has to appreciate what her country has done for her by doing something for her country. She has to contribute to the nation, and the state.

Dini is one of the three Unpad graduates this year who managed to complete their studies in less than 3 years. Dini has always wanted to graduate as quickly as possible. She wants to continue her education higher level.

I want to continue my study to higher level before I get old and before other businesses break my concentration. So, if I can do it quickly, why not?” said Dini, who obtained her Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.59.

Dini does not have a particular learning strategy, or at least that’s what she admits. However, she emphasizes the need to balance the time-management of studying, playing, and participating in student organization activities.

With what she has achieved so far, she hopes to share her knowledge for good use, at least for the people around her. She wants to keep improving herself so that she could be useful for her society.

She has set her sights on becoming a lecturer in the future. As an academician, she hopes to educate and to encourage the youth to contribute to their country’s development. She also wants to do a variety of studies that can be useful for many people, especially in the field of tourism, which she is currently pursuing.

Indonesia is a developing country with sustainable development of science and knowledge. But the country needs more young generation to stand up together and contribute to its development.

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