Unpad students are ready to compete in Pimnas XXVI at Mataram University

[Unpad.ac.id, 6/09/2013] Universitas Padjadjaran delegates are ready to compete in the National Student Science Week (Pimnas) XXVI that will take place at the University of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, from September 10 -13, 2013. The delegation consisting of 9 groups is expected to be able to achieve, at least, what former Unpad delegates have achieved in the previous Pimnas.

The head of Unpad Student Development and Alumni Relation Department, Dr. Ir. Heryawan Mustafa Kemal, MSc., said that although the number of groups this year is fewer than the previous year, they are expected to succeed.

“By providing them with this briefing, we hope our students are better prepared to compete in this year’s Pimnas and be able to get a better result than ever, or at least the same result,” said Heryawan Kemal when met at Jatinangor on Friday (09/6).

On December 3th, 4th, and September 6th, 2013, all student delegates who will perform at Pimnas XXVI was given a briefing in order to be able to perform successfully at the competition later. They are mentored by the lecturers, tested, and given guidance on how to prepare a presentation and how to answer the questions from the judges.

“This briefing is very helpful. We learned lot of new materials, preparation strategies, and discipline. It makes us more professional and gives us the insight about the competition,” said one of the delegates, Mangasa Paruhum Lumbantobing.

Another delegate, Binar Mahatni Putri, admitted that she is now better prepared and more ready to compete in the event after attending the three-day-briefing. “Many get many inputs to improve our material. We feel so much more prepared to take part in the competition,” he said.

At Pimnas XXVI at the University of Mataram NTB, UNPAD sends 9 groups, consisting of 4 groups in Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKMK), 4 groups in Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program, and one group in the Research Student Creativity Program (PKMP). Last year in Pimnas XXV at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Unpad sent 15 teams and won an award equivalent to gold, three silver equivalent awards, and two bronze equivalent awards. *