PSM Unpad Launched Musical Documentary Film “Indonesia Kirana”

[, 13/02/2016] Student Choir (PSM) Universitas Padjadjaran launched musical documentary “Indonesia Kirana”. The film showcased PSM Unpad trips through the program of “Indonesia Kirana”, portraying their participation in several world choir festivals in mid-2014 to 2015.

PSM Unpad dan pimpinan Unpad berfoto bersama dengan Menpora Imam Nahrawi di Bale Rumawat Unpad Jln. Dipati Ukur 35 Bandung, Jumat (13/02). (Foto oleh: Tedi Yusup)*

PSM Unpad and Unpad Leaders together with Minister of Youth and Sport AffairsImam Nahrawi at Bale Rumawat Unpad Jln. Dipati Ukur 35 Bandung, Friday (13/02). (Photo by Tedi Yusup)*

The 86 minutes film portrayed the journey of PSM Unpad while participating competitions in Slovenia and Hungary in April 2015. In collaboration with Embara Films production house, “Indonesia Kirana” is not just the usual documentary; it also showed underlying value by PSM Universitas Padjadjaran.

“In every concert we attended abroad, there is always important value, a message that should be conveyed to the people, “said Dzulfiqar Abduljabbar, the Chairman of the Program” Indonesia Kirana “PSM Unpad, after the screening.

Dhul, Dzulfiqar’s nickname, said that “Indonesia Kirana” program was certainly filled with struggle and value of life. To perform well at prestigious event in Europe was not easy. Although competition will result in a win or lose, Dhul said that experience attained from PSM Unpad participation in the event, is much more important.

Film is an effective media, selected by Dhul and colleagues to represent these values. After a fruitful discussions with Embara Film, the movie “Indonesia Kirana” can finally be realized.

“This is a movie with a mission, a movie that carries a particular message. We’re not making up, everything is what it really is. Every person interviewed in the film talk is true, “said Dhul.

The film is produced by Galih Mulya Nugraha from Embara Film featuring cast members from PSM Unpad class of 1990s until 2014. With neat direction from Febian Sakti Nugraha, each player “Indonesia Kirana” can freely express his/her heart. Dhul said that any expression of the actors share a common thread that messages could relate to audience.

Dhul hoped that value obtained from “Indonesia Kirana” program can continue to thrive until later year. “Struggle is not just words, but a process that can generate value. That’s what we try to convey by the film, “said Dhul.

In the future, “Indonesia Kirana” is planned to be screened in few theaters in several cities in Java. He counts on the full support from Universitas Padjadjaran and Kemenpora in disseminating the film.

Menpora also appreciated “Indonesia Kirana” as an initiation by PSM Unpad. According to him, this film truly represented how the spirit of sacrifice members of PSM Unpad to achieve the desired results.

“It’s not just a movie, but it is a piece of history,” said Imam. *

Reported by Arief Maulana / eh