Through 9th Ootrad, Unpad Wanted To Build Stronger Synergy

[, 28/08/2016] Universitas Padjadjaran held the 9th Olympics Games of Traditional Sports (OOTrad) in Jatinangor, Saturday (27/08) and Sunday (29/08). This event was held as part of the implementation of the 59th Anniversary of the Universitas Padjadjaran.

Rektor Unpad, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, menyalakan api obor saat membuka pelaksanaan Olimpiade Olah Raga Tradisional ke-9 Unpad di Stadion Jati Unpad, Jatinangor, Minggu (28/08). (Foto oleh: Dadan T.)*

Rector, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, lit the torch during the opening of the 9th Olympic Games of Traditional Sports at Stadium Jati Unpad, Jatinangor, Sunday (28/08). (Photo by Dadan T.) *

The 9th OOTrad organized several games, including the seven races of seven traditional sports: walking on stilts, carrying boboko, heaving rice, nyuhun torch, nyuhun grass, Eyong, and sack race; stilts race category of 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, and 1500m; the tug of war; race pole; Chess game mat Unpad Main Three Players Alternately (U-Camaintian), as well as kite fighting competitions.

The competitions were conducted in three locations: Stadium Jati Padjadjaran, West SMEs Field Complex, and Campgrounds of Kiara Payung Jatinangor, Saturday (27/08). As for the Semifinal and Final rounds were held on Sunday (28/08).

The 9th OOTrad of Universitas Padjadjaran started with Aleut-aleutan (parade) going around campus Unpad and Highways of Jatinangor, Sunday (28/08) morning. Aside from participation of the faculties and work units in Unpad, Aleut-aleutan was also supported by a number of Unpad community partners in West Java.

Contingent were released by Rector, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, at Main Rectorate Building in. Aleut-aleutan was conducted from the Rector Building and ended at Stadium Jati Unpad.

“We thank everyone for various participation, especially from strategic partners Unpad who participated in this event,” said Rector.

By involving various parties in this activity, Rector hoped that stronger synergy would be forged. Through this traditional sports Olympic, Unpad was trying to encourage a wide range of good value developed in the community to build a better environment.

“Unpad was born not only for Unpad, but also for the society,” said Rector.

In Aleut-aleutan, each contingent performed a rousing unique show for each other, ranging from contingent with uniforms, carrying attributes that characterized the contingent, to bringing excellence shout slogans contingent. In addition, the distinctive arts of West Java also helped to be presented by a number of contingents, such as dances Sundanese, Sisingaan, renggong horse, and oray liong.
After Aleut-aleutan parade, Rector accompanied by chairman of the 59th Anniversary Unpad Prof. Ramdan Panigoro, PhD., and chairman of 9th OOTrad Unpad, Ronnie Permana, S.Pt., M.Sc., officially opened the event of 9th OOTrad by lighting the torch in the stadium Jati Unpad Campus Jatinangor.

On the occasion Ronnie said this activity was followed not only participants of all working units and faculties in Unpad, but also the general public from 12 villages in the District Jatinangor, 12 City/Regency in West Java, and several regions in Indonesia, as well as representatives of Unpad partners.

“There are several participants from communities of kites from Jakarta, Bogor, Cianjur, Sukabumi, and Sidoarjo. There are even participants of stilts race from Kalimantan,” said Ronnie.

The winners of the 9th Ootrad were:

Kite Race Category 54 – 58

First place Team Sukabumi
Second Place Team Situbondo Plus
Third Place Team KPL Awiligar Bandung Utara

Kite Race Category 135 – 150

First Place 1 Awan (Ciamis)
Second Place Nona (Cimahi)
Third Place Elias & Kevin (Dago)

Kite Starting Race
First Place Fauziyyah (RA Miftahul Huda)
Second Place Agnia (RA Miftahul Huda)
Third Place M. Azhar (RA Miftahul Huda)

Stilts Race Category 50m Man

First Place Akhdan (Garut)
Second Place Dadan (Cimahi)
Third Place Firmansyah (Cimahi)

Stilts Race Category 50m Woman
First Place Sulastri (SD Cicabe)
Second Place Cantika (Cileles)
Third Place Dede Nurlaela (Garut)

Stilts Race Category 100m Man
First Place Zaelani (SMK Gema Nusantara S)
Second Place Krisna Ananda (Kab. Bandung Barat)
Third Place M. Najib (Kab. Bandung barat)

Stilts Category 100m Women
First Place Dede Nurlaela (Garut)
Second Place Haerunia (Cileles)

Seven Races
First Place Desa Jatimukti
Second Place Faculty of Psychology
Third Place Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Pole Race Woman
First Place SDN Cipacing 1
Second Place SDN Citeureup
Third Place SDN Cikeruh 1

Pole Race Man
First Place SDN Neglasari
Second Place SDN Cipacing 2
Third Place SDN Hegarmanah 1

Category Unpad 1 Faculty of Cultural Sciences
Category Unpad Creative Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
Category Loudest Unpad Faculty of Animal Husbandry

First Place Desa Cibeusi
Second Place Desa Cikeruh
Third Place Kab. Subang

Tug of War Man 40–50 kg
First Place Faperta
Second Place SMK Padjadjaran
Third Place FTG

Tug of War Man 50–75 kg
First Place IPDN
Second Place FISIP
Third Place Honda Street Fighter Club Bandung

Tug of War Man above 75 kg
First Place IPDN
Second Place FISIP
Third Place Kec. Cikalong

Tug of War Woman 40–45 kg
First Place IPDN
Second Place Fikom
Third Place SMA Cikalong

Tug of War Woman 45–65 kg
First Place FTIP
Second Place Kec. Cikalong
Third Place Kec. Cikalong

Tug of War Woman above 65 kg
First Place IPDN
Second Place Faculty of Psychology
Third Place Faculty of Animal Husbandry.*

Reported by Artanti Hendriyana, Arief Maulana, Nisha Nurfadhillla and Dina Sofa Istifada / eh