Director Education and Student Affairs Unpad: Not Only Studying, Students Must Be Active, Achievement and Gives Positive Contributions to Communities

[, 23/12/2016] After completing the course of Sports, Arts and Creativity (OKK) carried out in the neighborhood of Jatinangor, Unpad freshmen class of 2016 is expected to be motivated to be active in student organizations (ORMAWA), to excel and make a positive contribution to society.

Direktur Pendidikan dan Kemahasiswaan Unpad, Prof. Dr. Reiza D. Dienaputra, M.Hum., saat memberikan sambutan pada kegiatan "Penutupan OKK: Inaugurasi Prabu" di Stadion Jati Padjadjaran di Unpad Kampus Jatinangor, Jumat (23/12). (Foto oleh: Dadan T.)*

Director of Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Reiza Dienaputra D., M. Hum., giving a speech at the “Closing OKK: Prabu Inauguration ” at the Stadium Jati Unpad Campus Jatinangor, Friday (23/12). (Photo by Dadan T.) *

Director of Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Reiza Dienaputra D., M. Hum., said this when met at the “Closing OKK: Prabu Inauguration ” at the stadium Jati Unpad Campus Jatinangor, Friday (23/12).

“With the experience gained during OKK, they are expected to be the initiator, catalyst and motivator for other students. OKK hopefully also encouraged increasing the number of activists involved in Ormawa universities and faculties. Of course not only active, but also bearing the name of Unpad, “Prof. Reiza.

Therefore, Prof. Reiza hoped that students do not only settle for being the only college Unpad students only. Unpad has provided many facilities that could be used by students, is also Ormawa ranging from interests as sports, arts, talents, reasoning, and so forth.
“It would be a waste if student of Unpad only focus on their study,” said Prof. Reiza.

Furthermore, Prof. Reiza explained that the aim of implementing OKK was to create collaboration between universities with society, especially those in Jatinangor. In this case, Unpad wished to empower the community through the concept of OKK.

OKK confounding implementation of new students from various courses and faculty are expected to provide a collaborative space between them. The students not only centralized of being from Study Program, or faculty, but insisted that as students of Unpad.

OKK implementation started with the debriefing of students by lecturers and students, accompanied by lecturers and facilitators interact with people in the village, RW, and RT. (See also “Perkuliahan OKK Mahasiswa Unpad 2016 Dilaksanakan di Tengah Masyarakat Jatinangor“)


“We see the implementation of OKK is already well underway. However, of course there is an evaluation, and there is additional material necessary of Sundanese culture as well as more attention to the competence of mentors and facilitators. We want OKK future activities can set in better place, to be more qualified, able to empower the community, while also provide insight and more rewarding experience to students, “said Prof. Reiza.

Students will also be encouraged to create joint activities at least once a year so that the pulse of activity that involves students could continue coloring interfaculty of Unpad student activities. *

Reported by Erman