Unpad Received Bale Dormitory Padjadjaran and Padjadjaran Clinic Management Transfer from PT. Padma and PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran

[Unpad.ac.id, 28/12/2016] Starting 2017, Universitas Padjadjaran will manage dormitory Bale Padjadjaran and Clinics Padjadjaran in Jatinangor independently. Before the management of Bale Padjadjaran conducted by PT. Padjadjaran Mitra (Padma) and Padjadjaran Clinic conducted by PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran.

Rektor Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, (kedua dari kanan) beserta Direktur Utama PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran, Dr. Koeswadji, M.Sc., (kedua dari kiri) usai penandatanganan Kesepakatan Bersama Pengakhiran Perjanjian Kerjasama Operasional antara Unpad dengan PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran, di asrama 4 Bale Padjadjaran Unpad Kampus Jatinangor, Rabu (28/12). (Foto: Dadan T.)*

Rector Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, (second from right) and President Director of PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran, Dr. Koeswadji, M.Sc., (second from left) after signing the Joint Agreement for Termination of Operational Cooperation Agreement between Unpad and PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran, in a 4 Bale Padjadjaran Unpad Campus Jatinangor, Wednesday (28/12). (Photo: Dadan T.) *

The handover of management was symbolically marked the signing of an Agreement of Termination of Operational Cooperation Agreement between Unpad and PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran re Agreement on Implementation of Health Care Clinic Padjadjaran Campus Jatinangor Unpad. The signing was done by Rector, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, and the President Director of PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran, Dr. Koeswadji, M.Sc., in Bale Padjadjaran Unpad Campus Jatinangor, Wednesday (28/12).

Attending the event were the 9th Rector, Prof. Himendra Wargahadibrata, dr., Sp.AN., KIC., Professor of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ponpon S. Idjradinata, dr., SpAK., university and faculty leaders, as well as representatives from the PT. Padma and PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran.

In his speech, Dr. Koeswadji said that the existence of Bale Padjadjaran dormitories was an early implementation of the twinning program of cooperation between the faculty at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2006. At the time, UKM encouraged Unpad to provide dormitories for students of Medical sciences because UMK required students to entered the hostel in their first year.

“They expected us to provide dormitories, while at the time it was nearing the end of the fiscal year. However, we (Unpad) should dare to take a decision, because the twinning program was an honor for Unpad, “said Dr. Koeswadji.

In the early stages, hostel Bale Padjadjaran 1 was successfully established as the beginning of implementation of the twinning program. This hostel housed Malaysian students who enrolled in the course faculty. In the following year hostel Bale Padjadjaran 2 established; hostel Bale Padjadjaran 3 and 4 was and also established in the next year. So the total Bale Padjadjaran this hostel consisted of 4 buildings.

Considering that Unpad was still PTN Satker, the process of development and management of the hostel implemented through the cooperation of third parties. In this case, PT. Padma Unpad became partners in managing the hostel with the future management agreements for 20 years until 2026.

Nearing the first decade of management, the status change of Unpad to become PTN BH making authority asset management become more liberal. Therefore, said Dr. Koeswadji, it then motioned to manage the hostel Bale Padjadjaran Unpad and Clinics Padjadjaran independently without waiting period of the agreement expires in 2026.

As for the management of health services in Jatinangor by the PT. Rumah Sakit Padjadjaran based on a less optimal health services in the previous Unpad. Rector at that time, Prof. Himendra Wargahadibrata, then entrusted the management of PT. RSP.

Further, Dr. Koeswadji said, to the management of the hostel, it was up a full 4 dormitory following furnishings, ancillary equipment, until the student residents and workers to Unpad. Meanwhile the handover of Padjadjaran Clinic involved the building and its management personnel. humas-unpad-2016_12_28-serah-terima-bale-dan-klinik-padjadjaran-2-dadan

“Starting January 1, we hand everything over to Unpad. This is to facilitate the administrative process after the handover, “said Dr. Koeswadji.

Meanwhile, the Rector also appreciated the handover of dormitories and the clinic. By becoming a State University as Legal Entity, Unpad is expected to carry out a wide range of performance management with a good range of facilities.

In relation to the management of the dormitory, which has shown good performance hostel Bale Padjadjaran through PT. Padma for 10 years, it should be improved. In addition, the management model in Bale Padjadjaran hostel is expected to be a role model for other hostel management at Universitas Padjadjaran.

Meanwhile in the management of medical clinics, Rector hoped that Padjadjaran Clinic in the future will not just be the First Health Care Center (PPK I), but can develop preventive aspects.

Bale Padjadjaran hostel management will be conducted by Directorate of Learning and Library Resources. Meanwhile the management of Health Clinics will be done by UPT Unpad. *


Reported by Arief Maulana