Foreign Students Participated in Unpad Summer Program 2017

[, 7/08/2017] As much 31 foreign students attend Summer Program, held by Universitas Padjadjaran through the Directorate of Governance and Public Communication/International Office. The event is held from August 2 to upcoming August 9 at Jatinangor Campus, Bandung, and Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu National Geopark area, Sukabumi Regency.

Several foreign students participating in Unpad Summer Program 2017 greeted the UNESCO Assessor Team in Unpad Geopark and Geological Disaster Research Center building at Surade district, Sukabumi, Thursday (03/08). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)*

The participants come from Guangxi University for Nationalities of the People’s Republic of China, Utsonomiya University of Japan, as well as several foreign students who is currently studying in Unpad. They are from Madagascar, Tanzania, Colombia, Bangladesh, and Yemen.

Carrying “Sustainable Development: Improving the Quality of Life of Coastal Village” theme, Unpad Summer Program event is carried out with presentation and discussion, field trip to potential locations, and several competitions.

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark is selected in accordance with the evaluation schedule of UNESCO Assessor Team in the given area. UNESCO Assessor Team also had the opportunity to meet the participants of Unpad Summer Program when visiting Geopark and Geological Disaster Research Center in Surade district, Thursday (03/08).

Further aim of Unpad Summer Program is to promote various cultures and natural wonders in West Java. Coincides with Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark evaluation, the participants of Summer Program are expected to promote Geopark to international level as well.

To create the event more lively, the participants are also invited to visit potential tourism locations in Bandung, such as: Museum of the Asian-African Conference, Batik Komar Workshop, and to watch Angklung performance in Saung Angklung Udjo.

Reported by Arief Maulana