Rector and Regent of Garut Inaugurated Garut Campus of Universitas Padjadjaran

[, 29/08/2017] Nursing Academy of Garut Regency Government had officially handed over to Universitas Padjadjaran. The process was carried out by Regent of Garut H. Rudy Gunawan, S.H., M.H., M.P., to Rector of Unpad Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad on Tuesday (29/08) at Akper Pemkab Garut Campus, Jl. Proklamasi No. 5 Garut. During the occasion, Regent of Garut signed Akper Pemkab Garut Record of Transfer to Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

Regent of Garut H. Rudy Gunawan, S.H., M.H., M.P., with Rector of Unpad Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, inaugurated Garut Campus of Universitas Padjadjaran at Jl. Proklamasi No. 5 Garut, this Tuesday (29/8). (Photo: Dadan T.)

Matters that were submitted within the Record of Transfer included personnel, infrastructure, apparatus and machinery, land, building, transport, fund, and documents. The signing was also witnessed by Chairman of D Commission of House Representatives of Garut Region Asep De Maman, Chief of Attorney General Office of Garut Mamik Suligiono, and representatives of Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Hendra Wijaya and Sylvia Supartiningsih.

Dean of Faculty of Nursing Kusman Ibrahim, S. Kp., M.NS., PhD., Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Ir. H. Sudarjat, M. P., Director of Academic Resources and Library Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp A-K, M. Kes., Director of Infrastructure Dr. Irwan Ary Dharmawan as well as representatives of government officials of Garut, lecturers, educators, and students of Faculty of Nursing at Unpad Garut also attended the event.

In his greeting, Regent delivered his appreciation towards Unpad for willing to manage Akper Pemkab Garut as further implementation act of UU No. 23 Year 2014 regarding the accessibility of Higher Education in Medical Subject facilitated by the Local Government.

“We thank Unpad for relying their trust to Akper, which was initially managed by our Regency Government, until it can be managed by Unpad. To enroll at Unpad is quite a competition. Thus, it is a grace for us to be able to join Unpad,” he said.

Responding to Regent, Rector of Unpad conveyed that as a University born in the land of West Java, It is appropriate for Unpad to mark its service in its homeland. According to him, such trust and facilitation are the realization of belief to co-develop.

“With this program, then the number of Unpad students from Garut has become the most, compared with other regions. It is a significant modal to develop Garut in the future,” said Rector.

Rector also added that the existence of Unpad here encounters complex challenges. However, Unpad is committed to become an influence within Garut development. “With the presence of Unpad in Garut, Garut must be able to advance more,” he uttered.

After the signing, Rector then inaugurated Campus Garut of Universitas Padjadjaran by releasing name cover together with Regent.

The event was continued with the inauguration of Bale Wilasa dorm 14, 15, 16, marked by ribbon cutting by Rector and Regent. The third dorms, which are still located within the campus area, will be occupied by students of Faculty of Nursing during the first year.

As an information, Akper Pemkab Garut is the conversion from SPK Pemda Garut which had been established since 1982, located in Komplek Rumah Sakit Umum Dokter Slamet Garut. This conversion occurred in 1997. The campus is placed in 9.603 m2 land with 2.586 m2 building area including office building, lecture rooms, hall, and dorms. In terms of personnel, it is proposed for lecturers and educators with Civil Servant status to shift status into Civil Servant under the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. For those who are non-Civil Servants, they will become Non Civil Servant Employees of Unpad.

For senior students, they are allowed to stay in Diploma III degree or transfer to Bachelor degree. It is recently recorded that 406 senior students had decided to transfer to Bachelor degree of Nursing, while 79 students remain in Diploma III degree. There are also other students who move to other institutions or quit their study in Unpad. Meanwhile, Unpad Garut had also received new students from SBMPTN this year. 72 students are accepted in Faculty of Nursing of Unpad Garut.


Reported by Marlia