Harlino Nandha Prayudha Represents Indonesia at “Conference of Parties 23” Event in Germany

A student of Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Padjadjaran Harlino Nandha Prayudha became the only Indonesian student who was chosen to join “Conference of Parties” (COP) 23, held by United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Germany, last on 6-17 November 2017. Harlino was chosen to join the event with Global South Scholarship (GSS) 2017 program from YOUNGO.

Harlino Nanda Prayudha (in the middle), the student of Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Padjadjaran became the only representation of Indonesia in “Conference of Parties” (COP) 23 event, held by United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Germany, last 6-17 of November 2017.

YOUNGO is one of nine constituencies recognized as a youth organization that delivers aspirations to UNFCCC. The selection process of GSS 2017 delegation involved 3,300 registrants from 140 countries and resulted in 25 best youth being able to participate in COP 23.

By participating as GSS 2017 delegation, Harlino was involved in “Conference of Youth 13” (COY 13) and COP 23 as a member of YOUNGO Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) Working Group and YOUNGU Agriculture Working Group.

YOUNGO Agriculture Working Group is created as a form of youth’s commitment for the future agriculture. One of the events is an action on improving society awareness to reduce food waste.

The action is based on a reality where the society tends to choose food products based on its appearance, resulting in local farmers’ products becoming less attractive and much wasted or sold at a low price.

Through the action, YOUNGO Agriculture Working Group tried to educate the society that local farmers’ products are as nutritious and interesting as the “luxury” products of modern farming.

Moreover, one of the important moments of Harlino’s involvement in YOUNGO GSS 2017 is the opportunity to convey the paper from YOUNGO ACE Working Group at COY 13 closing event in front of UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa, COP 23 Presidency Frank Bainimarama, and 1300 youth delegations from 114 countries from around the world.

The paper is created as a statement of youth’s attitude that calls on the government to be more active and improves society awareness education on climate change in the enacted programs. Realized or not, the effort to cope with climate change is not only an individual effort, but also a collective effort from the whole society.*



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