KKNM Unpad integrated with Lecturer’s Community service Programs

The implementation of University Student’s Field Work, known as KKN) of Universitas Padjadjaran for Odd Semeter 2017/2018 will be integrated with the implementation of Community Service known as (PKM). This program is an implementation of PKM research grant given by Unpad to the lecturers who have internal research grants.


Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad is explaining the concept of KKN PPM Unpad for Odd Semester 2017/2018 in front of the prospective lecturer KKN, at Bale Santika Campus Unpad Jatinangor, Thursday (16/11). (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said that the concept change of KKNM Unpad aims to align the university tridarma with what happens in the community. Various changes occur in community should be responded relevantly by universities.


“The change in the community should be a consideration for the academic changes so the academic can give affections to the community.” said Rector in the socialization to the KKN supervisors in Bale Santika Unpad Jatinangor, Thursday (16/11).


The Rector said, until now the implementation of KKNM was always conducted in the villages appointed by Unpad. The field supervisor or Dosen Pembimbing Lapangan (DPL) with KKNM participants, who are active students of 6th semester, map the potential as well as the real condition of the village. In addition to the work programs, students also introduced various ideas related to village development through a report made after KKNM.


In its development during the last two years, the implementation of KKNM was integrated with ‘Professor into the Village’ program. Thus, the KKNM DPL is an active professor or grand lecturer of Unpad who has research activities and dedication in the villages.


Furthermore, the Rector continued, Unpad encourages lecturers who have community service activities to become DPL KKNM. So the programs can have a link between the field of science and its products.


“If the lecturer already has PKM, it will definitely be related to the community. If students can be integrated there, the program will be clearer, “said Rector.


Seeing the increase in the number of Unpad lecturers publication for about 366 publications in Scopus indexed international journals as of 17 October 2017, the Rector shows that the research performance in Unpad continues to increase. If this activity is encouraged to involve students, it will be an additional energy for the university.


“We encourage so that the KKN has output not only to complete the educational process, but also to produce academic writing,” said Rector.


The Participant Selection


Director of Education and Student Affairs Unpad, Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan, MS, said the implementation of KKNM Unpad which is currently titled KKN PPM Unpad will begin on December 1, 2017 to January 12, 2018. One DPL will guide 10-11 students, with details of two students per one course.


But the mechanism of KKNM registration this time is different from before. Students no longer choose the location of KKNM, but are required to have PKM topic provided. Furthermore, the lecturers then select the applicant in accordance with the specifications required in implementing the PKM.


The registration process of KKN PPM takes place on November 22-23. Furthermore, on 24-26 November, lecturers choose the list of students in accordance with the field of PKM that will be done. On November 28-30, KKN PPM participants will attend a briefing conducted by each lecturer. The location of the briefing is entirely based on the authority of the supervisor.


Implementation of KKN PPM Unpad was conducted at the location of lecturers PKM. KKN PPM participants are not only students of 6th semester, but may be followed by students from semesters 3, 4, and 5.


Prof. Wawan explained that the lecturers will be given a research grant of community service from Unpad. Other than the grant, Unpad also provides some operational funds for the implementation of KKN PPM.


Director of Planning and Information System Unpad Mutakin, PhD, said the registration process of KKN PPM Unpad is done by accessing the portal https://students.unpad.ac.id/. In the “KKN” category, students click the agree panel for the terms and conditions. Next, students choose the desired PKM topic. Students have the opportunity to choose only two topics.


The supervisor then selects the names of the students who have registered based on their respective topics at the https://staffs.unpad.ac.id/ portal. If the supervisor have selected 10 names, then the names selected will automatically go into the PPM group of the respective lecturer. *


Report by Arief Maulana