“Smart Tambak” by UNPAD Electrical Engineering Students Achieve Gold in Malaysia

After successfully became a champion in National Level with their work on “Smart Tambak” concept, three students of Electrical Engineering Universitas Padjadjaran, Aldo Wista Fadhillah, Aldi Wista Fadhillah, and Faatih Rifqi Muqaffi, were successful again to achieve the gold medal in the event “International Invention and Innovative Competition Series 2/2017” which was held at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, on last Saturday (18/11).

Three students of Electrical Engineering from Padjadjaran University, Aldo Wista Fadhilah, Aldi Wista Fadhilah, and Faatih Rifqi Muqaffi, became the winner of “International Invention and Innovative Competition Series 2/2017” in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia on Saturday (18/11). *

The competition which was carrying the theme “creative innovation without boundaries”, aims to search for innovation and also to find effective solutions upon solving various problems that occurred every day. This competition was attended by many participants from various countries,namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, Philippine, and Oman.

The “Smart Tambak” concept is an application model of information technology utilization in fishery sector. The innovation is expected to help fish farmers, especially for who use the floating net cages, in order to mount up the production.

The Competition consisted of three categories, they are Professional Education and Social sciences; Professional Science; Engineering, and Technology; and Higher Institution Students.

With this achievement, those three students hope that they can develop more innovations, and also can implement those innovation to provide solutions for various issues happening in Indonesia.

Released by Electrical Engineering Program Study Unpad/am