Commemorating World HIV / AIDS Day, Students of PSDKU Unpad Pangandaran and HIV Activists Hold Peace Action

The massive spread of HIV / AIDS virus encourages government and community in Pangandaran regency to give seriouscare. This, then, encourages some elements of society, Local Government, and students of PSDKU Unpad Pangandaran to campaign on HIV.


Director of Public Governance and Public Communication Unpad Aulia Iskandarsyah, PhD, while delivering speeches in a peaceful event commemorating World AIDS Day held at Marlin Fish Monument, Pangandaran, Friday (8/12). (Photo: Arief Maulana).


Held around the Marlin Fish Monument, Pangandaran, Thursday (8/12), students and some of community activists held a peaceful campaign to commemorate the peak of World AIDS Day that falls on 1st December. The event was filled with the distribution of leaflets and long march to campaign AIDS care.

When conducting speeches, Director of Public Governance and Public Communication Unpad Aulia Iskandarsyah, PhD said, handling the current spread of HIV should be more directed at the preventive aspects. “Preventive handling is a better handling. Better to prevent than to cure,” said Aulia.

When someone is already infected with HIV, people do not stay away from it. People should still optimize the participation of people with HIV / AIDS (PLHAs) in community life. Aulia said, people need to stay away from AIDS diseases, but never away from the one who suffer.

“We must be able to make the PLHAs become agents of change that will be able to make preventive programs work better,” he explained.

At the end of the oration, Aulia said that HIV / AIDS awareness should not only be done on December 1 momentum, but it should be done throughout the year. In this case, Unpad fully supports the various HIV / AIDS prevention programs rolled out in Pangandaran District.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary of Pangandaran District Mahmud M.H., who attended the peace protest encouraged every active community to have knowledge about the handling of HIV / AIDS. This is based on the fact that the spread of HIV / AIDS in Pangandaran has reached the group of housewives and children.

“Let us together do counseling to the community how to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS in Pangandaran regency. It can work with us on the government side, “Mahmud said.

He also expects Unpad to contribute to provide various knowledge and research results on how to effectively prevent HIV / AIDS. This peaceful action is also filled with free consultations on HIV / AIDS.