Student’s Community Engagement Program (KKN) Giving Community Benefits

[, 9/7/2018] Student’s Community Engagement Program (KKN) Universitas Padjadjaran supervisored by Prof. Bernard Y. Tumbelaka has been delivered on previous Thursday (5/7). This program contains many activities in Cimalaka District, Sumedang.

The workshop on solar energy was conducted by participants of the program. This workshop was attended by local government officials and their spouse organization members, village and local leaders, in Cimalaka. The trainers were Prof. Bernard, Dr. Mohammad Taufik, and Dr. Darmawan Hidayat, three lecturers from the Department of Electrical Engineering Unpad. In addition, students also installed solar panels for terrace lighting of the Cimalaka District office.


Prof. Bernard said, this program was the implementation of Unpad Loves West Java Program that integrated community engagement program done by students and lecturers to increase benefit for communities. Rilis/am, translated by dfa.