The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Unpad Will Hold “Digital Innovation Summit”

[, 11/9/2018] The Faculty of Economics and Business Unpad in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information will hold a Digital Innovation Summit event in Bandung on Friday (9/21).

This Digital Innovation Summit will launch a national program of the Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information to realize 1,000 digital talent scholarships involving 5 state universities throughout Indonesia, namely Unpad, ITB, UI, ITS, and UGM.

This two-month education program will result 1000 graduates who understand digital world issues such as cyber and digital business. For this reason, this activity will be attended by approximately 1,000 people from various elements of digital business, such as fintech theater, startup business, academics, and other publics.

“FEB Unpad is honored to be the host of various prestigious activities that will be held in October simultaneously in five major campuses in Indonesia.” Said the Dean of FEB Unpad Dr. Yudi Azis as in the release received by Unpad PR.

This event is also held to commemorate the 61st Anniversary of FEB Unpad. Person in charge of the FEB UNPAD Anniversary activities, Dr. Hamzah Ritchi added that the development of information technology and transactions in the community has encouraged various dimensions of civilization in the world.

Massively and intensively, these various techniques enable the creation of new business models that are able to transform existing structures, usability and variety of information in various sectors of life.

In general, there will be three series of activities, namely the pre-event Digital Marketing Training (12-14 September 2018), as well as the Digital Innovation Summit (DIS) and FEB Nite (September 21, 2018). Together with Telkomsel and Indonesia Selanjutnya, Digital Marketing Training opens opportunities for 500 student participants who will take part in digital training.

Some material choices are provided, namely: Digital Content Marketing using Hubspot, Presentation of Technical Design using Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2013, and Visual and Communication Design using Adobe Photoshop CS6 / CC. A total of 100 participants who successfully passed the test will get an official certificate.

The Communication and Information Forum and Tourism Forum will be the main speakers at the DIS 2018 activity, followed by two sessions involving Telkomsel, Line and Grab. FEB Unpad also facilitated a breakout session with several startups such as Sayurbox, Hara, Noompang, Sharing Vision, and e-restaurants.

This program is also a part that will include a variety of digital start-ups that will present or demonstrate the solutions and business processes that are carried out. This event will also be inaugurated by the Digital Innovation Study Center under FEB.

On the night there will be a FEB Nite event which is a liaison between lecturers, education personnel, students and alumni. FEB Nite activities will also feature various art and cultural creations of Unpad FEB lecturers and students. *


Release / am | Translated by dfa