Two Years Running, Unpad PSDKU Students Incised Number of Achievements

[, 5/9/2018] As many as 22 students of the Study Program Outside the Main Campus (PSDKU) of Unpad Pangandaran received an award for the achievements that have been achieved over the past two years. The award was given by the Head of the PSDKU Unpad Pangandaran Office, Dr. Bambang Hermanto, M.Sc., at the opening ceremony of New Student Admissions in the 2018/2019 academic year at Cikembulan Unpad Campus, Pangandaran, Tuesday (4/9).

Head of Unpad Pangandaran Dr. Bambang Hermanto, M.Sc., (standing, fifth from right) taking pictures together with Unpad Pangandaran students who made a number of achievements at the opening ceremony of New Student Admissions in 2018/2019 academic year at Cikembulan Pangandaran, Tuesday (4/9) . *

In the field of entrepreneurship, the award was given to Nurfikria Iis Diyanah who successfully passed to the National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise Program on Entrepreneurship in Singapore July 8-21 2018 ago. He succeeded in going through a rigorous selection conducted by the Unpad Incubator Center (Oorange) and the NUS.

At the Student Creativity Program (PKM), three Unpad Pangandaran students Hansa Aglazziyah, Nabil Humam Alghifari, and Rahardian Raharjo submitted a proposal entitled “Fan Bag (Multifunctional Bag Innovations from Traditional Fans in Pangandaran District)”.

In addition, there was also Richa Nahdaily Fathara who successfully passed the 2018 National Entrepreneurship Movement (GKN) Student Selection Program as the best winner.

In the field of tourism, Kirana Fadliawati was named “Mojang Pinilih” and “Mojang Kewes” Pangandaran District, in 2016. Meanwhile, Indah Kurniasih won second place “Mbak Kebumen” in the event “Mas Mbak Tourism Ambassador of Kebumen District 2018”.

In the field of sport, Unpad Pangandaran also won second place in the volleyball tournament in the Pangandaran District Health Office, represented by Arief Kuswara, Yang-Budiansyah, Rafi Satriawan, Daffa Ghifary, and Ferry Satya Darmawan.

Other students, Elda Rasyida Rahman, Yessi Ainurachman, and Lusi Agustin also managed to win the second prize in traditional games at the Pangandaran Regency level.

In a release received by Unpad PR, Bambang said, the series of achievements proved that Unpad Pangandaran students could also make achievements. He also stressed that achieving an achievement was not determined by the place where she/he was and other limitations.

The Best Achievement award is also given annually to students who have the highest GPA in each study program in the PSDKU Unpad Pangandaran. *


Release / ep / am | Translated by dfa