Aditya Pratama Ghifary Initiated Online-Based Free Tutoring for Realizing Equitable Education

[, 8/10/2018] Students of the Faculty of Geological Engineering, Unpad, Aditya Pratama Ghifary initiated an online-based  free tutoring “Cerebrum”. Cerebrum is developed for those who have difficulty accessing tutoring, both because of costs and distance.

Aditya Pratama Ghifary. (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

According to Aditya, even though tutoring is currently operating in several regions, the costs incurred are quite expensive and their accessibility cannot reach rural areas.

“With the Cerebrum we want to equalize the quality of education. So people in the village with people in the city can get the same quality of teaching, “Aditya said at the Unpad Public Relations Room, Jatinangor Campus Rectorate Building, Friday (8/10).

Cerebrum is prioritized for those who want to pass the selection of state universities. For those who are interested in attending Cerebrum, can fill in the form provided through the Cerebrum Instagram page or other social media. After registering, the participants will get a complete syllabus and a video learning link.

“For the content, we already have teachers in every subject,” said Aditya.

Since it was launched last October 2017, Cerebrum already has thousands of participants. Even the Cerebrum Instagram and Youtube accounts already have hundreds of thousands of followers. Known from the testimonials of the participants, many were greatly helped by the presence of the Cerebrum.

In addition to free tutoring, Cerebrum also has an online try out application at a rate of Rp. 50 thousand for 22 try outs. This online-based try out can be accessed anytime and anywhere by participants.

The online try out feature is quite complete, as there is time management adjusted to the SBMPTN exam, the results of correct and wrong answers, to the analysis of the questions in the form of videos.

“If there were students who cannot answer the question, then they can immediately play the video of the discussion in the application,” Aditya said.

Not only online learning videos and try outs, Cerebrum also comes with a number of content, namely information on how to enter PTN as well as tips and tricks, motivational learning videos, and video review courses in PTN. In the near future, Cerebrum will also develop consultation content that can be used by students to consult about the exam questions.

Cerebrum has also delivered Aditya to be the First Winner of the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur in the Digital Technology (Student) Category in 2018 which was held at the University of Brawijaya, Malang, on 15 September.

In addition, a number of Unpad alumni also made achievements in the event, namely Juwita (Faculty of Agriculture alumni) as 1st Winner in the Service Trade Industry Category through the product “Waidafarm” and Bintang Priyambodo (alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Business) as Second Place in the Food Category through products ” Papa Knotted “. *


Report by Artanti Hendriyana / am | dfa