Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0, What Should Be Prepared?

[unpad.ac.id, 01/09/2019] Rapid technological developments also influence human life in all aspects. Various changes need to be addressed wisely in order to produce positive outcomes.

Professor of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Unpad, Prof. Engkus Kuswarno was the keynote speaker in the 2019 Organizational Communication Conference (Oration) which was held by the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Unpad, in Oemi Abdurrahman Room, Faculty of Communication Sciences Unpad, Jatinangor, Wednesday (1/9). (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

“In every change in conditio sine qua non, we must approach it wisely to produce a positive output. This condition requires a change in mindset, work methods, and patterns of building harmonious relationships between community groups and organizations,” said Professor of the Faculty of Communication of Unpad, Prof. Engkus Kuswarno when he was a keynote speaker in the 2019 Organizational Communication Conference (Oration) held by the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Unpad in Oemi Abdurrahman Room, Faculty of Communication Sciences of Unpad, Jatinangor, Wednesday (1/9).

Prof. Engkus said, based on The Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum, there are five HR skills in the Industrial Era 4.0 in the 2015-2020. These skills are sorted by complex problem solving, social skills, process skills, system skills, and cognitive abilities.

After 2020, it is estimated that cognitive abilities are the most needed skills, followed by system skills, complex problem solving, content skills, and process skills. It also shows that in order to face the Industrial Era 4.0, it takes human resources who have flexible cognitive abilities, logic of good thinking, sensitivity to problems, mathematical abilities, and visualization.

“The shifting of cognitive skill from the fifth position to the first after 2020 has become interesting and at the same time a challenge for HR to navigate the era of industry 4.0,” said Prof. Engkus.

Entering the Industrial Era 4.0 forced people to enter two worlds, namely the real world and the virtual world. The internet of things which is a spirit in this era shape people in a personal and communal way that is very dependent on the virtual world, which is increasingly complicated and smart.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the partner of the real brain. Ideally, AI relations with the real brain are positive, meaning that the more intelligent AI, the smarter our real brain, “said Prof. Engkus.

According to Prof. Engkus, if we are not smart in this era, then we might be only a supplementary or ┬ávictim”.

“Are we starting now to be fit or compatible to this era? If not, we might be disconnected from the civilization of the world,” He said.

Oration 2019

Oration 2019 is the third organizational communication seminar held by the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Unpad. The event was officially opened by the Dean of Communication Science Dr. Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, S.H., S.Sos., M.Sc.

This year, the seminar raised the theme “The Future of Organizational Communication in The Era of Industry 4.0”, with sub-themes: Organizational Culture, Organizational Climate, Conflict Management, Leadership, Bureaucracy, Power, Communication Flow and organizational communication in general.

The event was attended by 95 speakers from academics and practitioners from all over Indonesia. The articles presented have been through a series of selections by a team of reviewers who are experts in the field of organizational communication.

“With this seminar, we hope that the ideas that emerge can provide tactical and practical solutions in communication,” hoped the Chairperson of the Masters Program in Communication Studies of Unpad, Dr. Jenny Ratna Suminar. *


Reported by Artanti Hendriyana / am | Translated by dfa