Recognizing Self Potential is the Key to Success in Facing the Disruptive Era

[, 1/28/2019] Graduates of Unpad must have a good competence to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Non-technical skills (soft skills) must be possessed by each graduate in addition to the academic skills acquired during the lecture.

Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology of Unpad, Rezki Ashriyana Sulistiobudi, M.Psi., gave a number of self-development materials to graduates of Unpad in the “Paragon Campus Roadshow” held by the collaboration of Unpad Tracer Study & Career Development Center (TS-CDC) and Paragon Innovation Technology at Bale Sawala Unpad Rector Building, Jatinangor, Monday (28/1). (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

Unpad Faculty of Psychology Lecturer Rezki Ashriyana Sulistiobudi, M.Psi., explained, characteristic of the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in addition to changes in all aspects towards digital is flexibility. Every individual is required to be more flexible and adapt quickly in every change.

“Flexibility, easy to change or adaptability are important competencies,” Rezki said in the “Paragon Campus Roadshow” event at Bale Sawala, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Monday (28/1). The event was attended by a number of Unpad graduates who will take part in the 2018/2019 Second Year Academic Graduation Ceremony.

To be ready to face this era, Unpad graduates must be able to highlight their potential. Knowing the potential possessed is a must. Unfortunately, many of the university graduates in Indonesia do not know the potential they have.

Rezki said, this became a separate obstacle. Because, ignorance of self-potential causes a person to have difficulty competing in the world of work. There have been many changes in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

By recognizing self potential, graduates are expected to work according to their abilities and interests. Rezki explained that it is important for graduates to have passion. This is related to productivity and happiness when they are working.

There are several things that graduates must prepare before entering the workforce. First, graduates must recognize abilities possessed by themselves. Second, graduates are able to recognize opportunities.

“Furthermore, when the potential and opportunities already exist, graduates must be able to determine what decisions will be made. Finally, how can we adjust to the demands of the work, ” Rezki said.

The “Paragon Campus Roadshow” event was held in collaboration with the Office of Tracer Study & Career Development Center (TS-CDC) of Unpad with PT. Paragon Innovation Technology. The activity was held to prepare Unpad graduates before competing in the world of work.

The event was also filled with an introduction to a company engaged in cosmetic manufacturing by  the Human Capital Team of PT Paragon and was attended Business Development Manager of PT Paragon Euis Yovitasari and Customer Development Frans R.A. Simatupang. The event was officially opened by Unpad Director of Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan, M.Sc. *


Reported by Arief Maulana | translated by dfa