Reducing Inequality, West Java Governor Expects Harmonious Cooperation with Unpad

[, 01/11/2019] Rector of Unpad Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad and a number of leaders in Unpad made official visits to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil. The visit was received by the Governor at his official residence in Pakuan Building, Bandung, Thursday (10/1).

The Rector of Unpad made an official visit to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil at the official residence of the Governor of West Java in Pakuan Building, Bandung, Thursday (10/1). *

In the meeting a number of potential collaborations between Unpad and the West Java Provincial Government were discussed. Various visions and programs implemented by Unpad can be in line with the vision and program implemented by the West Java Provincial Government.

“I hope we (the Provincial Government) can be in the same frequency with Unpad. Where Unpad can get together with the Provincial Government to solve problems of inequality in various fields in West Java,” said the Governor.

The Rector also highlighted the issue of placing specialist doctors in a number of areas in West Java. The tuition waiver program for Medical Education and Specialist Medical Education study programs will produce the first graduates in 2020. This tuition waiver is to encourage the fulfillment of doctors and specialist doctors in a number of areas in West Java.

For this reason, Unpad needs to work with the department regarding the graduate placement. This placement is expected to be a form of Unpad’s contribution in promoting equal distribution of health service standards.

In addition, Unpad will also enhance cooperation with a number of private universities in West Java in optimizing their role as scientific providers of higher education in the region. This was done to anticipate the moratorium on the opening of new state universities by the central government.

Meanwhile, the Governor encouraged Unpad to contribute to the development of tourism in West Java. One of these areas is expected to be encouraged by Unpad is Pangandaran Regency.

As a university that has another campus in Pangandaran, Unpad is expected to be able to encourage the economic ecosystem of tourism in Pangandaran. The governor also invited Unpad to form a tourism task force.

“Pangandaran wants to be pushed forward. Appreciation to Unpad for opening campus in Pangandaran,” said the Governor.

The governor also requested the Professor Entrance Village program initiated by Unpad to effectively accelerate regional development. This is in line with the West Java Provincial Government’s efforts to reduce inequality.

The existence of the program is expected to strengthen the role of the village. The development of the concept of one village one company can be realized with the help of Unpad graduates.

“I think with a new mindset, a new style of collaboration, West Java is sure to be ready to become the forefront together with Unpad,” said the Governor. *


Am \ Translated by dfa