Unpad Becomes a Pilot for the Implementation of Entrepreneurship Transformative Learning

[unpad.ac.id, 7/2/2019] Unpad became the first pilot university to organize entrepreneurship transformative learning programs in various fields. This program is the implementation of cooperation between the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Director of Education and Student Affairs of Unpad, Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan, M.S., in the Entrepreneurship Student Community Engagement Program (KKN) Training of Trainers (TOT) Module held by the USAID Key Partners Initiative at Harris Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (5/2). *

The establishment of Unpad as the first pilot PTN was decided in the Entrepreneurship KKN Module Training of Trainers (TOT) program held by the USAID Partner Key Initiative at Harris Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (5/2). In the event, Unpad was represented by the Director of Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Wawan Hermawan, M.Sc.

As a pilot campus, Unpad will integrate entrepreneurship into the KKN. The integration of entrepreneurship is included in four training modules.

In a release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office, the four training modules included: modules for student community engagement, entrepreneurship for universities, career center development, and entrepreneurship for poor and vulnerable students.

This program is expected to be a driving force for progress in the region while eliminating the paradigm that KKN is merely learning in the village. On the other hand, students are encouraged to return to the village to build from their entrepreneurial sector.

As a key partner, Unpad will test the four modules. The results of this trial will be evaluated first before being applied to other universities.

This TOT program was attended by 57 universities throughout Indonesia. In the event, the universities were involved in the development and review of the four transformative modules. *


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