Unpad Students Conducted Trauma Healing for Children of the Sunda Strait Tsunami Victims

[unpad.ac.id, 01/31/2019] A number of Unpad students who are members of the “Vlog of Traveling Storytelling” team (Vlogkamling) conducted trauma healing to victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami in Labuan Village, Banten. Sunday (1/27). The students were involved in the “Hope on the banks of the Sunda Strait” which was initiated by the Bandung Youth Care Foundation.

Students and alumni of Unpad Anissa Faradilla (Psychology), Abdul Rizal (Indonesian Literature), and Rezania Fitria (alumni of Arabic Literature) helped trauma healing of children of victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami in the village of Labuan, Banten. Sunday (1/27), by reading a story. *

The team consisted of Anissa Faradilla (Psychology), Abdul Rizal (Indonesian Literature), and Rezania Fitria (alumni of Arabic Literature).

“Vlogkamling is involved as a team that fills out storytelling sessions for children and gives donations in the form of traditional toys, hand puppets, ukulele, and learning tools. The assistance came from fundraising conducted by the Vlogakamling team to Elementary School before going to Banten, “said Anissa Faradilla in a release received by the Office of Public Communication (KKP) Unpad.

Previously, from October to November 2018, Vlogkamling was also involved in Psychological First Aid activities for earthquake victims in Lombok.

Vlogkamling itself is a community that focuses on storytelling, storytelling training, and distribution of fundraising results from storytelling activities to children affected by natural disasters and street children.

This community has been present since 2015 under the name Puskamling Jatinangor. In that year, Jatinangor Puskamling was selected as the ‘Selected Social Action’ from the Doing Good Challenge competition in indorelawan.org.

In 2016, with different team members, this Jatinangor Puskamling managed to get funding from the Kemenristekdikti in the Student Creativity Program. Although they did not qualify until Pimnas, this team continued to grow and changed its name to Vlogkamling.

“This is due to the development in terms of the delivery of storytelling content that is not only direct storytelling but also by making vlogs on YouTube accounts and digital platforms such as Instagram in order to reach wider benefits. The theme is presented around child-friendly content,” Anissa said. *


Release / art | Translated by dfa