A Number of Unpad Broadcasting Experts Delivered Critical Input Regarding Indonesian Television Program Shows

[unpad.ac.id, 05/17/2019] The Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) and the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) held a Focus Group Discussion on the Period I Broadcast Television Quality Index Survey Expert Panel held at the Aston Harper Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (5/15).

A group photo of Unpad Faculty of Communication Sciences lecturers with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) during a Focus Group Discussion of the Period I Broadcast Television Quality Index Survey Expert Panel held at the Aston Harper Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (15/5). *

The discussion aimed to improve the quality of television broadcast programs. The television broadcast program is expected not only to meet the standards for broadcasting behavior guidelines and broadcasting program standards but also can see the analysis of the effects of a television program show.

The Central KPI Commissioner for the Management of Broadcasting Structure and System Agus Suprio said that this discussion was expected to produce critical and in-depth input on various programs presented by broadcasters in accordance with their categories.

This discussion presented a number of experts who were lecturers in Unpad Faculty of Communication Sciences: Dr. Dadang Sugiana, M.Sc. and Agus Setiaman, M.I.Kom. who analyzed the variety show programs and infotainment programs; Dr. Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, M.Sc. and FX Ari Agung Prastowo, M.I.Kom. who discussed the news and talk show categories; Dr. Aceng Abdullah, M.Sc. and Trie Damayanti, M.Sc. who analyzed children’s programs and soap operas; and Dr. Herlina Agustin, M.T. and Aat Ruchiat Nugraha, M.Sc. who explained and analyzed religious and cultural tourism programs.

“These experts are present in accordance with the qualifications provided by the KPI, people who understand the methodology of communication, mass communication, religion, socio-culture, psychology, and politics,” said Dr. Dadang Rahmat Hidayat who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences Unpad.

In the release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office, most experts considered that the programs in the category of soap operas, children’s films, variety shows, and infotainments had an adverse effect.

“When referring to the indicators presented in this FGD, most programs do not violate. However, ethically and morally, there are still many qualitatively inappropriate ones,” said Dadang Sugiana.

In the future, the indicators of the assessment of the broadcast quality index need to be revised so that the objectives and spirit of an event program do not violate either normatively or academically, religiously, or other rules.

To reinforce the extent of the role of the West Java KPID in monitoring television programs, the Chairperson of the West Java KPID Dr. Dedeh Fardiah said that she had given recommendations to several broadcasting institutions if they were proven to have committed violations. Recommendations were submitted in the form of admonition, mediation, and termination of impressions based on public complaints and KPID initiatives.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dadang Rahmat Hidayat welcomed the initiation of the Central KPI in including Unpad in analyzing the television broadcast quality index in 2019. *


Release: Unpad / am Fikom | Translated by dfa