Ready to Perform in the Philippines and Italy, Unpad Choir Will Hold a Pre-competition Concert

[, 6/18/2019] The Student Choir of Unpad (PSM Unpad) will represent Indonesia at a world-class choir competition. Recorded, there are two world-level competitions that will be joined by Unpad Choir, namely the “1st Asia Choral Grand Prix” in the Philippines in July, and “67th Polifonico International Choral Competition” Guido d’Arezzo “in Italy, next August.

In the two competitions, Unpad Choir brought the name “Indonesia Kirana”. “Indonesia Kirana” is a movement initiated by Unpad Choir in 2015 as an effort of the younger generation to obtain achievements in the field of arts and culture, especially choirs. It is planned when competing in Italy, Unpad Choir will also hold a cultural concert to introduce a variety of Indonesian cultures.

Before joining the competition, Unpad Choir will also hold a pre-competition concert titled “Kirana 2019 Indonesia Performance” at Grha Swara Tarumanegara University, Jakarta, on June 30, as well as at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, 35 Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung, on 3 July.

In a release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office explained, the “Indonesia Kirana” Unpad Choir movement made its debut in the competition “13th Gallus-Maribor International Choral Competition” in Slovenia and a cultural concert performance in Hungary. Departing from the story during Slovenia and Hungary, Unpad Community Choir made the film “Indonesia Kirana” in 2016 to inspire young Indonesians to work and excel for the homeland. *


Release: Unpad Choir / am | Translated by dfa