[Unpad.ac.id, 17/12/2012] Unpad Student Executive Body (BEM Kema) serves to represent students and accommodates students aspirations. Such tasks are now the responsibilities of the newly elected president, Wildan Ghiffary, a student of the faculty of fisheries and marine science class of 2009.

The newly elected President BEM Kema Unpad for 2012-2013, Wildan Ghiffary

“This mandate necessitates me to make great contribution to the academic life of Unpad students,” said he when met at the Unpad PR office, the Rectorate Building in Jatinangor on Monday (17/12).

During the campaign, they brought forth a vision to make the institution proactive, contributing, total, serving, harmonious, and synergetic—banally abbreviated into PROTAGONIS. And on December 16, 2012, Wildan Ghiffary and Rendy Ermansyah Putra (from Faculty of Geological Engineering class of 2009) were officially inaugurated as President and Vice President of BEM Kema for the 2012-2013 administration year. “We are fully committed to make the vision come true,” said he.

In his explanation, proactive means that BEM Kema is committed to making contribution for the students, alma mater, and the nation in general. Whereas total carries a meaning that students have to take part thoroughly in performing their social responsibilities for the society. What’s more, BEM Kema aims at gathering all Unpad students as a family that can only be harmonious and creating synergy.

BEM Kema, in his opinion, should be able to evaluate and criticize both campus and national policies for the betterment of academic life and the society at large. This is to be implemented 5 main target focuses, namely achievement, social-political performance, cadre, harmony-synergy, and community service.

BEM Kema is targeting to score better achievements in National Scientific Competition Week (PIMNAS) 2013 through a program called PKM Style. “We won the tenth place in the last national student competition; we are targeting to be in the seventh or even fifth position. Such achievement gives excellent prestige for our campus,” said he.

As for social and political performance, Ghiffary is thinking to get Unpad students to take part in the governor election in 2013 and to supervise the Indonesia’s general election in 2014. The body has also issued new regulations on cadre recruitment which is expected to result in excellent leaders for the student body in the future. It also aimed and making more publicities in study program and department levels.

In addition, BEM Kema targets excellent innovations through Ministry of Environment that focuses on environmental issues and diminishes actual distance between two campuses in Dipati Ukur and Jatinangor. Related to excellence, BEM Kema believes that it can only be achieved to intense participation from all students and stakeholders. “Should our plan go awry, reprimand us.”

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