Widya Sarasayu Kusuma Martha Giana,”Making Concrete Contribution for the People of West Java”

[Unpad.ac.id, 06/12/2012] Widya Sarasayu Kusuma Martha Giana’s achievement for being the winner, Mojang Pinilih, of the West Java Pageant (Mojang Jajaka Jawa Barat) 2012, adds to her being smart and bright as a senior in the Unpad Law School. Trying to be different, active, innovative, and visionary is the key for her to finally be able to score such achievement.

Widya Sarasayu Kusuma Martha Giana, Student at Faculty of Law class of 2009, winner of Mojang Jajaka Jawa Barat 2012 (Photo: Dadan T)

“What makes me different from other contestants perhaps is my point of view and excellent ideas I might have,” said she when interviewed at the Unpad public relation office in Dipati Ukur on Thursday (06/12).

Her commitment to improvement and learning has enabled her to change. Being active simply in campus is seen very limiting. “I believe that I also have to seek for self quality improvement outside campus,” said she who was born in Bandung, November 1, 1991.

The opportunity for development first knocked when she was invited to take part in the Mojang Jajaka of Bandung 2011 and was finally elected winner. She admitted that it played a great role for her current achievement. “Being the Bandung Mojang for a whole year has taught me a lot, I got to interact with the community members from various backgrounds and share with them,” said she.

She made her way to go to the bigger pageant, at the provincial level, Mojang Jajaka of West Java. In the pageant where she competed with 25 other contestants, she showed all her qualities. In a session called Unjuk Kabisa, talent show, she said “I want to be different. Dancing is overrated, so I decided to show the masculine side of me. I performed the traditional martial arts, the silat, before the audience.”

She made use of the pageant as an opportunity to actually contribute to the development for the society.”For me, it is no longer about winning or losing, it is more about thinking what to give to the people of West Java,” said she.

Together with her contenders, she is now responsible for promoting the potentials that West Java has to the world. “It is impossible that I do it myself, so all of my contenders will help me in carrying out the responsibility,” she added.

Besides her, there are other Unpad students and alumni participating in the event, to name but a few Muhammad Marikar Arsy, Tiara Rachmawati, Lisa Adriana Paramitha, Muhammad Khaerul Amarullah, Karina Ismi Jelita and Suci Nurhadilah.*

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