BEM Kema Unpad Helps Jakarta Flood Victims

[, 22/01/2013] To help ease the suffering of Jakarta’f flood victims, Unpad Student Executive Body (BEM Kema Unpad) organized a charity event last Sunday (20/1) at the ITB Jatinangor Flea Market.

Charity event in Jatinangor for Jakarta flood victim in Jatinangor

According to Rendy Ermansyah, the vice president of BEM Kema Unpad, similar events have been previously held, particularly by the Coordinating Team for Disaster Mitigation (TPKB) BEM Kema Unpad.

“We are now organizing a charity event to help ease the flood victims,” said Ermansyah. By the end of the day, BEM Kema Unpad managed to collect Rp. 1.048.300 to be donated to the victims. In addition, donations other than money were also collected, such as clothing, food, and medicines.

Should you be interested in making donations, please contact:

Kartika Malahayati mobile phone 085279085993

Or wire transfer via

Account Number 0005776414100

Account Name BEM Unpad

Bank Jawa Barat Banten (BJB)


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