Seminar on Tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique Plus Organized by Dharma Wanita Persatuan Unpad

[, 22/01/2013] Negative emotions often cause physical setback for they will most likely cause decreasing work performance. This can be overcome by encouraging positive energy by means of therapeutic approaches, one of which is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Plus.

Drs. Yuli Suliswidawati, M.Psi., Psychology Consulting Bureau ‘Westaria’ when speaking on tapping technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Plus in Ruang Serba Guna Unpad campus in Dipati Ukur.

According to Yuli Suliswidawati, ‘Westaria’ Psychological Consulting Bureau, EFT Plus is a psychotherapeutic technique that can solve physical, emotional, and behavioral problems. The technique diminishes negative energy by tapping 18 acupuncture points and immediately changes it into positive energy.

“The root of all human disease is actually negative emotion.  Through this tapping technique, such energy is altered into positive energy,” said she when speaking at the seminar on Tuesday (22/01) in Unpad Campus Dipati Ukur. The technique harmonizes bodily energy and emotional reception.

The technique which was developed by Gary Craig from the American Emotional Freedom Technique is proven as the fastest and most popular approach to cure past psychological trauma in the US and Europe. Patients with emotional conflicts, depression, and repressed emotions have been cured through tapping method. “This technique can not only be done by psychologists but also by any one, for this technique can easily be learned.”

The points for tapping include areas around your crown of head, eyebrow, eye bad, nose, chin, nape, nipple, wrist, karate chop, and hand. The success of this technique depends on the patient’s acceptance of the treatment. Once the patient accepts it, he or she will be released from negative emotions, the root of the disease he or she has been suffering.

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