Unpad and Monash University Discuss Further Cooperation Progams

[Unpad.ac.id, 14/02/2013] Unpad and Monash University have long established partnership programs since 1979.  The partnership covers and constantly develops academic and non-academic programs. Further development programs are now under discussion.

The discussion hosts Unpad representatives, namely the vice rector III Unpad, Dr. med. Setiawan, dr., the Head of Unpad International Affairs, Anne Nurbaity, S.P., M.P., PhD., deans and faculties, and Prof. Greg Barton, Sarah Newton and Basoeki Koesasi, the Director of Indonesia Engagement Monash University.

Bringing a theme “Building the Future together through Strengthening Research and Education Collaborations,” the meeting discusses joint research and Master and Ph.D. programs in Monash University. Unpad has previously collaborated with Monash University in conducting joint research, faculty exchange, and joint supervisor for professors and doctors when conducting research. According to Prof. Greg Barton, joint research that Unpad and Monash University have been conducting covers various disciplines.  As for now, emphasis is made on faculty of medicine, nursing, and health sciences which Sarah Newton, the Executive Director Research in Monash University, elaborated in her presentation.

Unpad gains excellent benefit from this partnership and, accordingly, Setiawan said, “the university will facilitate Unpad faculties to take part in the program.”

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