Faperta Alumni Class of 1988 Plant 1000 Trees in Jatinangor

[Unpad.ac.id, 05/04/2013] Showing care for its alma mater, a group of alumni from the class of 1988 faculty of agriculture (Faperta) planted 1000 trees in Unpad campus Jatinangor and Arjasari, Banjaran on Thursday (4/4).

According to the head of PDP Unpad, Dr. Rija Sudirja, this was the second time that similar event was held, which took place in North Bandung. “We are now aiming Jatinangor area due to its high level of erosion and sedimentation,” said he. Trees they planted consisted of excellent varieties good for elevated areas of 500-700 meters above sea level, such as mahogany, avocado, rambutan, durian, sukun, and palm. Their seeds were donation from Cirata Dam Controller (BPWC), which had been previously studied by students of Faperta Unpad.

The planting are to be carried out in weekly periods, each of which is for 200 trees. Sudirja has high hope that after the planting, students and faculties can look after and grow the trees. “Hopefully, it will contribute to Unpad’s green project and avoiding further erosion and sedimentation,” he concluded.

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