Claiming as dean, fraud attempts to deceive nursing faculty students

[] Recently, faculty of nursing freshmen received fraudulent text messages from a crook pretending to the dean of faculty. The text messages said that they were assigned to participate in a seminar in Jakarta.

“Several of my friends and I received the text messages from someone claiming to be our dean. But when we confirmed it to dean, he admitted that he never sent such text messages. So we knew right away that it was a fraud,” said one of the students when interviewed at Unpad Public Relation office on Thursday (19/09).

The text message goes “My name is Kusman Ibrahim, dean of faculty of nursing. Please call immediately Prof. Dr. Ganjar Kurnia, the rector, at 0816954672.You have just been assigned to participate in the National Seminar on Character Development for Nursing students, organized by Dikti on September 25-26, 2013 at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. Thanks.”

If the students had called the number given on the message, they would be notified that some amount of money have been sent to their respective accounts as allowance and would be asked to check their newly transferred account via ATM. While being at the ATM, when the students found out that they had yet to receive the money, they would immediately call back the number. This is when the fraud would guide the students to press some numbers, saying that it would get the money to be transferred quicker but in fact it actually gets the students to wire transfer money to the fraud’s account.

Accordingly, always make sure that you confirm all kind of events that you are said to participate in to Unpad Humas at (022) 842-88888 or email


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