Rector, “Focus on collective management. University-faculty dichotomy does not exist”

[, 3/10/2013] Following dean and vice dean inauguration ceremony on Tuesday (1/10), a briefing took place on Thursday (3/10) at function room at the rectorate building in Jatinangor.

Briefing for the newly elected deans and vice deans at the rectorate building

Unpad rector, Prof. Ganjar Kurnia, stressed the importance of the briefing as a means to improve excellent service quality from the university to its faculties, staff, and students. As public service body, Unpad is responsible to provide excellent service for the society at large through knowledge sharing and service.

“It is quite often that students, staff, or lecturers find that our service has yet to be sufficient whereas in fact they are our very responsibility,” said the rector when opening the briefing last Thursday.

In relation to the university internationalization program, Unpad has to start improve its administration for public, increasing dynamic and professional service, and excellent management. The management must comprise collective cooperation between the university and faculties. “Focus on collective management. There is no such thing as dichotomy between university and faculties. The output should result in excellent service and good governance,” said he.

When this condition is achieved, the university’s vision of being the university that provides excellence in world class education can be implemented.

“In addition, the three duties of the university should lead to qualified graduates who can put their knowledge into practice, innovate, and contribute to the betterment of government, industry, and community.”

Also speaking in the event were Roni Kastaman, the vice rector for human resources, facilities, and governance, and Sudarma, the head of human resource, law, and governance bureau.

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