Department of Information and Unpad Library, held a Writing Training on Wikipedia

[, 1/04/2014] Unpad through the Department of Information and Science Communication (Fikom) Library in collaboration with Wikimedia Indonesia held a training and writing competition of Indonesia Wikipedia “Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014” at the CMC Laboratory Fikom Unpad Jatinangor, last monday (31/03).

Suasana pelatihan menulis Wikipedia yang diselenggarakan oleh Departemen Ilmu Informasi dan Perpustakaan Unpad bekerja sama dengan Wikimedia Indonesia (Foto oleh: Arief Maulana)*

The scene of Wikipedia writing training organized by the Department of Information and Unpad Library in collaboration with Wikimedia Indonesia (Photo by: Arief Maulana) *

Hans Abdiel Harmakaputra, Project Director of Writing Competition “Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014” spoke of the main background for this activity that there were still a lot of authors in Wikipedia, especially in Indonesia, that has not been fulfilled the rules of Wikipedia authors, in the form of an encyclopedia article.

Here we will also teach on how to write a Wikipedia article in accordance with the rules of Wikipedia, which is descriptive, not perusatif or narrative, ” said Hans.

This training will also teach on how to make a footnote to an article. So far, there has been a writing on Indonesian Wikipedia that is less credible because of a few footnotes. Hans reveals, in overseas Wikipedia page, an article uses many footnotes in the form of references paper. This is regularly campaigned by Indonesia Wikipedia since 2010.

Another aspect to be emphasized in this activity is the alignment of information about post editing on Wikipedia page. During this time, article on a page which was officially launched in 2001 is considered difficult to edit. In fact, according to Hans, Wikipedia article is very easy to edit by everyone.

“Indeed, there are troubles in editing especially by the beginner, including codes that must be entered and writing style,” said Hans.

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Therefore, Hans and his team targeting the students to be a participant in this activity. The goal  itself, is that the students as academics can understand and be able to write articles on the Wikipedia page.

“We expect a lot of students who can contribute in writing article from the perspective of academics on Wikipedia. In addition, they also can teach others on how to write and edit in Wikipedia pages, “he added.

The competition itself is in the form of writing a long article which is divided into 3 rounds. The first round, participants write minimum 3 writing articles and maximum 13 articles. For the second round, the participants re-write minimum 5 writing articles and maximum 15 writing on the topic of Social Welfare. As for the third round, participants are faced with writing competition at least 30 articles on Wikipedia stub.

Hans explains, the competition and writing training is attended by 90 participants from 10 universities in Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. “Hopefully, we can deliver new contributors on Wikipedia. So far, the reader on Indonesia Wikipedia has reached 130 million, while there are only 50 active writers and editors, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Institute for Development and Alumni Affairs (LPKA), Unpad, Dr. Heryawan Kemal Mustafa, M.Sc., fully support this activity. “Very positive, this is also related with the knowledge of student ability in writing articles,” he said.

While Vienna Erwina, dra., MA, Chair of the Department of Information and Fikom Unpad Library, said this event also serves as the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Fikom Unpad with Wikimedia. “Another collaboration that we will do is an internship program students of the Department of Information and Unpad Library in Wikimedia,” said Vienna.

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Reported by: Arief Maulana / eh*