(Foto oleh: Arief Maulana)*

[Unpad.ac.id, 8/12/2015] Program socialization for dean candidates in Unpad had been started since Monday (7/12). Today, Tuesday (8/12) socialization was conducted, one of them, by dean candidates from the Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35 Bandung.

(Foto oleh: Arief Maulana)*
Three dean candidates for FEB Unpad with moderator (far right). (Photo by: Arief Maulana)*

“The program socialization is part of the series of selection for Deans and Vice Deans,” said Vice Rector of Governance and Resources Unpad, Dr. Sigid Suseno, S.H., M.H in his opening remark. Also present in the occasion were Unpad Rector, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad and Vice Rectors of Unpad.

Three candidates competed for the position that included Prof. Dr. Azhar Susanto, Dr. Harry Suharman, SE.,M.A.,Ak, and Nury Effendi, SE. MA., Ph.D. The event was moderated by FEB Unpad lecturer who was also the Director of Human Resource Development, Diana Sari, S.E., M.Mgt., PhD. Before the candidates presented their idea, Diana read their CVs along with the mechanism and procedure for the socialization.

The first candidate, Dr. Harry presented his strategy related to creating values in the aspect of learning. He asserted the strategy in several perspectives that comprised human capital, learning capital, financial dan faculty’s equity.

He said, in encountering all challenges and opportunities, this was the time to execute all the theories and methods. We should overlook all the pessimistic attitudes and conduct optimism. Together we would be able to improve our competitiveness, for the most part in facing global competition.

Meanwhile, Prof. Azhar concentrated on the idea of “Synergy for National Excellence”. He proposed a strategy that included cooperation between FEB Unpad and other parties while still coordinating with the University, or the Faculty would extend the synergy initiated by Unpad with the others.

In addition, Prof. Azhar explained his point that the Faculty’s Key Performance Indicator and Main Performance Indicator (IKK/IKU) must be based on and support the University’s IKK/IKU, while the Faculty’s members’ IKK/IKU must refer to FEB’s IKK/IKU. Another strategy was to improve the quality of human resources, management, research, and learning process in FEB Unpad. Prof. Azhar also remarked that it was required for the Faculty to enhance the commitment culture, quality of well-being, information and operational systems, and the quality of coordination.

The third dean candidate for FEB Unpad, Dr. Nury summarized her program in the theme of Going World Class with Dignity. She stated that it was important to possess global perspective in order to achieve the level world-class faculty. Her strategy was manifested in “The RATE Paradigm” that stood for Research, Accreditation, Teaching, and Engagement.

In addition, attention on human resource, finance, and organizational structure, she said, must be in accordance with that conducted in the University. Collaboration, as she pointed out, among all parties must be conducted in order to achieve success.*

Report by Artanti Hendriyana / eh  

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