Maria Adriatne Prasetyaningrum, Best Graduate for Undergraduate Program, Graduated Less than 4 Years with GPA 3.93

Maria Adriatne Prasetyaningrum (Foto oleh: Tedi Yusup)*

[, 11/05/2016] Maria Adriatne Prasetyaningrum from Program Study of Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Padjadjaran was the best graduate for Undergraduate Program during Graduation Ceremony Wave III Academic Year of 2015/2016. She graduated after studying less than 4 years with GPA of 3.93.

Maria Adriatne Prasetyaningrum, wisudawan terbaik program Sarjana pada Wisuda Unpad Gelombang III Tahun Akademik 2015/2016 (Foto oleh: Tedi Yusup)*
Maria Adriatne Prasetyaningrum, best graduate for Undergraduate Program during Unpad Graduation Ceremony Wave III Academic Year of 2015/2016 (Photo by Tedi Yusup)*

“I’m very pleased. I did not expect to be the best graduate,” said Atne during the procession of graduation ceremony session II, Tuesday (10/05).

She did not aim for the best graduate title. Rather, she was focused in graduating with cum laude grade. She graduated in February 2016 with thesis entitled “Semivariogram Estimator Character with Weighted Least Square Method”.

“My initial target was to graduate cum laude. I did not imagined to have GPA of 3.93 since keeping up with stable GPA has been a hard work,” she added.

Atne believes that there was nothing special with her method of studying. What was important was to pay attention to the lecturer in classes, study the material repeatedly, and when she did not understand something, she would bring it to be discussed with friends and lecturers.

“I am very persistent with finding solution, and will keep on working on something until I found the satisfied solution,” said the woman born in Jakarta, 14 November 1993 from Christian Yoseph Widodo and Endang Dwi Maryani.

To achieve her life goals, Atne believes to keep on dreaming, work hard, and find solution for her weakness. She tries to stay brave before trying and giving her best in everything.

“I will make a list of my goals. With that list, I will try to keep being optimist, work hard and pray,” said Atne.

In contrast to most people who believe math is complicated and confusing, Atne considered mathematics as training for a more systematic way of thinking. Since long ago, Atne enjoys math. She particularly likes numbers and data, and finds the fun and challenge in solving problems. When she was accepted as a student of Mathematics Unpad, she was happy and felt that this was her right choice.

“I chose the right path because this is where my passion lies. I am happy in studying here, without additional burden,” she said.

During her study, Atne chose the concentration of Financial Mathematics because she wanted to study state economy. Soon after she graduated, in April 2016 she started to work as contract worker in Bank Indonesia. In the future Atne wants to continue her study in Magister in Actuary and not forgetting her aspiration to become a lecturer.

To her fellow student friends, she offered tips to have her academic achievement. She said that no matter how hard your class was, you should not hate it. “You should enjoy every class. If you have problem with it, there are many of your friends who wants to help and lecturer to teach you. I believe lecturers in Mathematics Unpad are very welcome to answer questions from students,” said Atne.*

Reported by Artanti Hendriyana / eh

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