Study Program Campus Outside Unpad Domicile Ready To Open Four Study Programs in Pangandaran

Pertemuan perwakilan Pemkab Pangandaran dan Unpad membahas (Foto oleh: Tedi Yusup)

[, 6/06/2016] Pangandaran Regency Government has provided several recommendations locations for development of campus outside Unpad Domicile Program. The decision for these locations will serve as a transition to vocational education campus before eventually developed into an independent university in Pangandaran.

Pertemuan perwakilan Pemkab Pangandaran dan Unpad membahas (Foto oleh: Tedi Yusup)
Local government representatives meeting to discuss the construction of Study Program Campus Outside Unpad Domicile at Pangandaran Regent Office, Thursday (3/06). (Photo by Tedi Yusup)

Decision for locations is discussed in the meeting between Unpad and Pangandaran Regency in Pangandaran Regent Office, Thursday (3/06) afternoon. Unpad Team was represented by Director of Cooperation Parikesit PhD, Head of Infrastructures Administration Drs. Hendra Gunawan, M.Si., Head of Governance, Administration, and Law, Dra. Heni Suryaningsih, M.I.Kom, Head of Administrative Cooperation, Dra. Ita Indriani, representatives of academic staff, and representatives of Universitas Padjadjaran Campus Development Planning Team in Pangandaran Prof. Dr. Cece Sobarna, M.Hum.

From Pangandaran Regency the meeting was attended by the Regional Secretary Mahmud, SH., MH., Assistant of Economy, Development, and Social Welfare (Asda II) Regency Secretary Pangandaran Drs. Undang Sohbarudin, as well as some officials of SKPD Pangandaran Regency.

Parikesit explained that the purpose of this meeting among others is to discuss the preparation program of establishing Study Program Campus Outside Unpad Domicile. Based on the previous recommendation, Universitas Padjadjaran will hold an assistance program to open an independent university in Pangandaran regency. This mentoring program is targeted to run for the next 10 years.

Studies related to the opening of Study Program Campus Outside Unpad Domicile outside, vocational education is a short-term program for independent university development. There are some courses that are targeted to run for the academic year 2016/2017. The Prodi are Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Livestock, Tourism, and English Language.

“This corresponds to what is needed at this time in Pangandaran,” said Parikesit.

Under the agreement of the study program, the next team will ensure the technical development of campus, especially on the determination and use of infrastructure, to the environmental and social impact analysis after the campus was built. Parikesit said that preparation of the infrastructure is now an urgent need.

During the meeting, Unpad team with Pangandaran SKPD officials also conducted a review of the SDN 3 Cikembulan building in District Sidamulih, Pangandaran. The building, which has 7 rooms capacity of about 50 square meters per room, is considered suitable to serve as a transition campus.

Heri Gustari, a SKPD Pangandaran Regency, said that status of SDN 3 Cikembulan land is owned by by Pangandaran Regency. This location was considered suitable because it is located directly beside the main highway of Cijulang-Pangandaran. Meanwhile behind the building there are about 150 hectares of land managed by the community and the status of leasehold.

Regarding recommendations related to land use, Parikesit said he would discuss it further with the planning team. “We must first renovate and calculate the requirements. Rooms in the building must have already included a lecture hall, administration, and laboratories, “he said.

Furthermore Parikesit said that there are some considerations related to the location that will be used primarily on aspects of the transfer of assets and permit of the use of the building. This of course should have the full support of local government of Pangandaran.

“It usually takes a long while. It should be anticipated, “said Parikesit.

After the legal and infrastructure process is completed, the next step is the preparation of Human Resources. Parikesit said that there are two starting alternatives done by Unpad in association with this setup, namely recruitment of lecturers from the outside to teach in Pangandaran, and strengthening of teacher skills in Pangandaran regency that have linearity with future scientific study programs.

The strengthening program is for teachers at SMK 1 Pangandaran. This school has vocational specifications in the field of fisheries that are linear with vocational study program of Fisheries.

“Through the affirmation program of Padjadjaran Nyaah ka Jabar, we can encourage Pangandaran children to be lecturer in Pangandaran. We expect even the children of Pangandaran would be professor here, “said Parikesit. *

Reported by Arief Maulana / eh

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