Free, Access for e-Journal from Four Vendors Until 30 August 2016

[, 15/07/2016] Good news for Unpad academic communities who required e-journal access for lecture reference. Starting 1 July -30 August 2016, Technical Unit (UPT) Library Unpad together with several e-journal vendors provided free trial access for all Unpad users through

cisral2There are four e-journal vendors that could be accessed for free: Springer, Sage Journal, Proquest, dan Ebsco. Users could access, read, and download various scientific journals in these vendors for free in any location. To gain access, users only require to put in username and password that are available in Unpad Central Library or each of the Faculty Library.

Head of UPT Library Unpad, Wina Erwina, dra., M.A., said that free trial access was based on the process of moving the central library of Unpad Padjadjaran from Bandung to Jatinangor. With the process, some system of library services, including access to e-journal are experiencing improvements.

“This step is done before we purchased access e-journal – after the system is completed. Right now we are preparing to buy the e-journal. Hopefully, this free trial access will be able to fill in the gaps of em> e-journal service <,” Vienna said in an interview with PR Unpad, Thursday (14/07).

Furthermore Vienna said that the trial during July and August is intended primarily for faculty and students in order to prepare learning courses in the next semester.

With this free service, users can find a variety of scientific references to support aspects of learning and research. Vienna said that the provision of these services is expected to not only for consumptive use but also to support user productivity in generating new science.

“In the future, Unpad is also capable of being a vendor of scientific work, because of its diversity of science, professors, and students,” said Vienna.

E-journal service have included general scientific fields at Universitas Padjadjaran. Vienna said that in the future the library will set up a collection of e-journal for specific scientific fields owned by Unpad.

“With this service, we also ask for user feedback based on its science needs. We will take the feedback into consideration for the next purchase, “said Vienna. *

Reported by Arief Maulana / eh

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