Unpad Dentistry Lecturers as Expert Witness of Odontology Forensics at the Trial of Yusman Telaumbauna

[Unpad.ac.id, 7/09/2016] Odontology Forensics Team of the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), Universitas Padjadjaran, led by Fahmi Oscandar , drg., M.kes., Sp.RKG was assigned as expert witness at the judicial review of Yusman Telaumbauna who was facing death penalty. As expert witness, the team conducted identification on Yusman’s age. Two FKG lecturers came to Gunung Sitoli Court for the trial on August 29, 2016.

Dua dosen FKG Unpad, Fahmi Oscandar , drg., M.kes., Sp.RKG dan Yuti Malinda, drg., MM., MKes., saat hadir sebagai saksi ahli di Pengadilan Gunung Sitoli, Senin (29/08) lalu. *
Unpad FKG lecturers, Fahmi Oscandar , drg., M.kes., Sp.RKG and Yuti Malinda, drg., MM., MKes., (second and third from right) as expert witness at Gunung Sitoli Court, Monday (29/08). *

Yusman was sentenced to death on the indictment for murder on first-degree of Kolimarinus Zega, Jimmi Trio Girsang, and Rugun Br. The verdict was delivered by the Gunung Sitoli Court of Justice on May 21, 2013. Judicial review was proposed by the Commission for Missing Persons and Victioms of Violence (KontraS) as Yusman’s attorney. The coordinator, Haris Azhar, S.H., M.A, representing KontraS proposed judicial review after new proofs (novum) had found. One of which was test results from cephalometric and panoramic radiograph and facial bone structure of Yusman’s showing that he was only 16 years old in 2013.

In the beginning, KontraS reached to Indonesian Association of Forensics (AIFI) for assistance on the identification of Yusman’s age. AIFI Secretary then recommended Fahmi Oscandar, drg., Mkes., Sp.RKG as AIFI member of Odontology Forensics to identify Yusman;s age.

The recommendation became his basis for application letter for license to FKG Dean, Dr. Nina Djustiana, drg., MS to form a team of 11 experts consisted of Fahmi Oscandar, drg., M.Kes., Sp RKG (head), Yuti Malinda, drg., MM., MKes (secretary), and members Farina Pramanik, drg., MM., Sp RKG, Yurika Ambar Lita, drg, Ali Thomas, drg, Dominica Dian, drg, Farihah Septina, drg, Grace Christine Simatupang, drg , I Made Agus Astika, drg, Yusuf, drg, Isti Rahayu, drg., and Intan Farizka, drg.

After team discussion, methods for age identification were determined. On September 17, 2015, 17 November 2015, Yusman was sent to Radiology Installation Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGM) Faculty of Dentistry Unpad for panoramic and cephalometric radiograph, Hand Wrist (carpal), and CBCT 3D.

Fahmi and his team then analyzed the results with 4 methods: Al Qahtani (dental), Van Heerden (dental), Schaeffer (sinus paranasal), and Grelich-Pyle. The results from four methods showed Yusman’s estimated age during the examination on, which was 18,4-18,5 years old with the accuracy level of 95%.

It took two days for the team to conduct the examination and draw conclusion. The identification with odontology forensics is known for fast and accurate results.

From the results, KontraS proposed judicial review for the case held for a trial on August 15, 2016 with the agenda of judicial review proposal. On August 29, 2016 verification and examination by expert witness was scheduled by inviting expert witness.

The trial was not the first case for FKG Unpad odontology forensics department. According to drg. Fahmi, they have identified several cases, such as human skeleton identification at Pawon Cave, Padalarang Bandung that aged 9000 B.C., and identification for victims of Sukhoi and Air Asia plane crash where he was one of the members of DVI Team.

The Odontology Forensics discipline is a relatively new field at FKG Unpad, considering the little number of experts in the Faculty. It is not only used to identify victims of disasters, but also can be integrated with other disciplines, such as Archeology, Mathematics, and Information Technology.

“We have conducted joint researches with experts from other disciplines and succeeded with satisfactory results. The results are also because of supports from Unpad stakeholders. I hope other disciplines will follow and apply the results for the community because it is one of the institution’s goals as education provider,” said drg. Fahmi.*

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