Students of SMAN Modal Bangsa Aceh Besar Visited Unpad

[, 10/10/2016] 14 students of pelajar SMAN Modal Bangsa, Aceh Besar Regency Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, with Vice Principle of Students Affairs, Drs. Bukhari, visited Universitas Padjadjaran campus Jatinangor to obtain information about Unpad profile and new student admission system.

Kunjungan SMAN Modal Bangsa Aceh Besar ke Unpad di Bale Rucita Unpad Jatinangor, Senin (10/10). (Foto oleh: Erman)*
Visit of SMAN Modal Bangsa Aceh Besar in Unpad at Bale Rucita Unpad Jatinangor, Monday (10/10). (Photo by Erman)*

“We came here to obtain as much detail as information about Universitas Padjadjaran so that our students become increasingly convinced to continue their education, including to Unpad,” said Drs. Bukhari in Bale Rucita Jatinangor, Monday (10/10).

The delegation of SMAN Aceh Besar was received by the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Sub Unpad, Rury Ratnasari, S. Sos., and obtained a description of the profile of the staff Unpad of Public Relations & Protocol, Safa Annisaa and Atep Rustandi. According to Drs. Bukhari, last year there were 11 students of SMAN Capital Nation accepted as in Unpad.

During the visit, the students among others inquired about the cost of free education for physician education, the odds go to Unpad for students from outside West Java, a blacklist issue for schools by universities, scholarships, etc.

“The term blacklist was not for schools that their students pass but do not register, but for schools that commit fraud as manipulating the value. So, do not be too concerned with all the blacklist is not cheating,” said Safa Annisaa. *

Reported by Erman

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