Rector of Unpad: “Transformative Learning Encourages Students to Achieve Competencies and Realize Dreams”

[, 27/8/2018] New Students of Unpad 2018/2019 academic year attended the New Student Admission (PMB) procession at Jatinangor campus, Monday (27/8). The PMB procession was led directly by the Rector of Unpad, Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad.

Rector of Unpad Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad, while delivering a speech at the 2018/2019 Unpad New Student Admission (PMB) ceremony in the yard of the Basic Science Research Center (PPBS) building, Jatinangor campus, Monday (27/8). (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

When delivering the Rector’s speech, as many as 69,009 young people applied to become Unpad students through SNMPTN and 113.127 through the SBMPTN. This meant that only around 3.3% of them qualify from the SNMPTN line and 4% from the SBMPTN track.

“This put Unpad into the most favorite university in Indonesia with the highest number of applicants for seven consecutive years,” explained the Rector.

The Rector also explained the position of Unpad which has been recognized as a World Class University in the world ranking in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. Unpad ranked 4th in the national level and entered in the 651-700 world. This is an acknowledgment of Unpad’s increasing academic reputation.

As a provision for achieving competencies and realizing the ideals of its students, Unpad has implemented a transformative learning approach, namely learning that is oriented towards changing the frame of reference.

This approach will educate and guide students to be more critical and innovative, sensitive to thier surroundings, as well as rich in skills and abilities according to their scientific fields.

“The implementation of transformative learning that you will get during your study at Unpad begins with the Joint Preparation Stages Program and the OKK courses that are directed to shape students with sensitivity and creativity to present solutions to actual problems in their surroundings through a review of 17 Goals Sustainable Development (SDGs), “added the Rector.

Furthermore, the Rector explained various academic policies such as integtative digitalized learning materials through the Integrated Administration Information System (SIAT), technological updates and learning media through the development of Distance Education (PJJ) Programs, e-learning, provision of elective courses and open extended campus.

“The re-design and implementation of the study program curriculum must be current and in accordance with the demands of the present,” said the Rector.

Through the Main Scientific Pattern “Bina Mulia Law and Environment in National Development” Unpad is determined to educate the life of the nation through academic education and character.

In addition, Unpad always carries out the transformation of the education system using the noble values ​​of Sundanese culture and Unpad organizations, namely Responsible, Excellent, Scientific Rigor, Professional, Encouraging, Creative, and Trust (RESPECT).

In the presence of new students, the Rector encouraged students to be able to achieve academic excellency. These achievements include being able to graduate on time, be able to contribute to the community, and become the pride of parents.

“The slower you graduate from Unpad means that you reduce your siblings’ chances to have more school opportunities at Unpad,” said the Chancellor.

Overall, Unpad received 8,408 new students in the 2018/2019 academic year from all programs. This amount consists of 6,299 from the Bachelor level, 659 Applied Bachelor degrees, 125 Professional levels, 216 Specialist levels, 848 Masters degrees, and 261 Doctoral levels.

The PMB procession was attended by regional heads or representatives from 27 cities/regencies in West Java. On the occasion, the Rector also expressed his appreciation to the Head of the Study Program and students who successfully earned achievements. *


Reported by Erlangga Pratama / am | Translated by dfa

Photos by Tedi Yusup and Arief Maulana

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