FEB Unpad Librarian Passed the 2018 Indonesian Academic Librarian Award Selection

[unpad.ac.id, 08/30/2018] The rapid development of the digital era has encouraged librarians of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Unpad Muhammad Zeinuri to develop an Audio Book Online.

Muhammad Zeinuri, FEB Unpad librarian who successfully passed the selection of the 2018 Indonesian Academic Librarian Award (IALA) at the National Level. *

“Audio Book Online is a way of reading by not reading visually, but by listening, this is more practical and can be done at any time,” Zeinuri said as in a release received by Unpad PR.

Zeinuri has a strong desire that the reading interest of Indonesian people, especially in higher education circles, is increasing. This is circumvented by the development of a book model that is more practical than the conventional model, namely the audio-based book model in the network. This book model has developed a lot at the international level.

The idea of ​​Online Audio Book delivered Zeinuri to pass the national level 2018 Indonesian Academic Librarian Award (IALA) which was held by the Indonesian University Library Forum (FPTI) at Brawijaya University Hotel, Malang, on Tuesday (4/9).

Zeinuri became the only representative of West Java who qualified for the IALA event through a series of selections conducted by the FPTI in West Java, on Thursday (8/30).

“Hopefully it can be useful for universities, textbooks that become the first online audio books in Indonesia, especially universities, and Unpad tries in that direction,” Zeinuri said.

The IALA event is a routine appreciation held by FPTI since 2016 to university librarians in providing excellent service. In addition, this event is a library promotion and Indonesian librarian to the wider community. *


Release / sp / am | Translated by dfa

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