Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi: Indonesia Promotes Peace and Humanitarian Diplomacy

[, 19/12/2018] Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi explained that there were two prominent diplomacy conducted by Indonesia at the international level, namely peace diplomacy and humanitarian diplomacy. These two diplomacy are related to each other.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi when opening the “2018 Diplomacy Festival” event organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, 35 Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung, Wednesday (19/12). (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

“If there is no peace, the ones most affected are humans,” Retno said when speaking at the opening of the 2018 “Diplomacy Festival” (Diplofest) held by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Unpad Hardjadinata Grha Sanusi, 35 Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung, Wednesday (19/12).

Quoting the statement of the First Lady of Afghanistan, Rula Ghani, Retno said that the conflict not only damaged the environment, but also affected the morale of the affected people. Conflict encourages the birth of survival. This attitude according to Retno will eliminate the truth values.

“For this reason, peace must be sought, brotherhood must be sought. It did not fall from the sky,” Retno explained.

For this reason, Indonesia continues to be at the forefront of helping humanitarian problems in the world in a dignified manner. One of Indonesia’s commitments at the world level is solidarity with the handling of the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine.

Retno explained that Indonesia had helped many Palestinian people. At present, the Government has agreed to multiply contributions through the UN Agency to help Palestinian survivors. You are philanthropists and Indonesian people consistently send aid to Palestine.

“MUI is planning to build a hospital in Hebron. Some people also want to continue building hospitals in Gaza, “said Retno.

Not only sending aid, Indonesia also helped Palestine in strengthening human resources. Several universities, including Unpad, participated in providing scholarships for Palestinian students. Not only that, Indonesia also helped prepare education for prospective Palestinian pilots.

“Many things we do for Palestine. We will continue to strengthen our support for Palestine, “he said.

Retno also explained the efforts made by Indonesia in dealing with humanitarian issues in Afghanistan and Rohingnya, Myanmar.

Not only helping conflict areas, Indonesian diplomacy also contributes in disaster affected areas. It was noted that Indonesian aid had landed in areas affected by disasters in other countries. “Once hit by a disaster, we try to enter,” said Retno.

Trusted by International Community

The diplomacy of peace and humanitarian carried by Indonesia, one of them produced good results. Medio last June, Indonesia was named a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the period 2019-2020.

The election of Indonesia was based on the results of the vote. Of the 190 votes of UN members, Indonesia received 144 votes. These results certainly boasted Retno who was present at the election event held at the UN Headquarters.

“This is not a diplomatic achievement. This is the achievement of all Indonesian people, “said Retno.

By being elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Indonesia is faced with a number of challenges in solving the problem of peace and humanity in the world. Retno assessed that the humanitarian issues facing Indonesia today are a small part of global issues.

“We pray for Indonesian diplomats to give health the power to carry out tasks that are very dignified,” hoped Retno.

Important City of Bandung

The implementation of Diplofest 2018 in Unpad, Bandung, is the third activity carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This activity aims to introduce the community to the diplomacy conducted by Indonesia at the international level.

Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said that the holding of Diplofest 2018 in Bandung was an important momentum since Bandung has a strong historical attachment in the struggle for national diplomacy.

The holding of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955 was an important momentum for Indonesian diplomacy in the struggle for independence of nations in Asia and Africa.



For this reason, Retno said, there are three core Diplofest activities held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Firstly, it provides an understanding of the people about the diplomacy that Indonesia has done. Secondly, Diplofest facilitates community interests to be considered and included in Indonesia’s foreign policy.

“We also use the expertise possessed by Indonesian diplomats to empower students,” said Retno.

The 2018 Diplofest event was also attended by a number of leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomats. Not only make up of speech, the event was also filled with discussion with diplomats, public speaking simulations, until the introduction of mobile applications issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. *


Reported by Arief Maulana | Translated by dfa

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