Unpad International Relations Class of ’99 (HI ’99) Homecoming: Sharing stories, Reminiscing Nostalgia, and Giving Back

Saturday, July 27th 2019 will mark the new history for Unpad International Relations Class of ’99 (HI ’99). The first reunion gala will be held to celebrate the two decades of historical first step in Jatinangor as freshman/woman in 1999. The event will be held in room301 & 302 Faculty of Social and Political Science University of Padjadjaran  (FISIP Unpad) where most of the learning took place in the gruelling university days.

The gala will be attended by 70 strong alumni, which accounted for 65% of the total number of HI ’99 graduates. “We are extremely pleased with the commitment and willingness of everyone that make the efforts to attend the event in Jatinangor. Travelling all the way from Ambon is the furthest confirmed attendee we noted so far. We are hoping, alumni that currently stationed abroad will be able to send short clips as a token of support despite the geographical distance,” stated Nining Suryani, S.I.P., M.A., M.I.B., M.B.A. the chair of reunion gala committee.

The event intended to strengthen the bond shared as part of the big family of HI ’99, as most of the alumni have dispersed to large corners of Indonesia and all over the world. Some of the alumni currently in the UK, Bosnia, UEA, Sudan, Australia, etc, most for temporary official placement and some permanently residing in those countries.

“So much more than the usual get together and nostalgic reminiscent, we would like to give back to HI Unpad that have been a warm home for us during the university years. We are cordially inviting our lecturer to attend this event show our deepest appreciation for all the knowledge imparted and learning that equipped us to strive to be the best of our ability in the sectors we choose to be. Our contribution hopefully can be used for supporting infrastructures that enable our current juniors and the future HI Unpad students to have a better and more robust learning experience,” Nining added.

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Furthermore, Nining stated, ”Unpad HI ’99 gala reunion hopefully will enable stronger linkage to HI Unpad alumni network under IKAHI as well as broader Unpad alumni network. The strong networking is highly beneficial if not influential for the alumni’s success in a very competitive globalised world.”


Briefly on Unpad HI ’99:

Based on the official record of the university 125 students were enrolled in the International Relations department in the year of 1999, of those 109 students recorded to have graduated from the programme. HI ’99 alumni currently spread across diverse sectors, mainly banking, ministries and local government, state enterprises and multinational companies.

There are four alumni currently served in diplomatic corps, many alumni working in creative industries and digital. One of the more publicly well-known icons from Unpad HI ’99 is the famous comic, Ernest Prakasa.


About Unpad International Relations Alumni Association

The idea to establish Unpad International Relations Alumni Association (IKAHI Unpad) started back in 2007, followed by the first reunion gala in Dago Campus on December 13th 2015 and subsequent HI Day in Jatinangor campus on April 17th 2016. IKAHI committee formally created during 2016 HI Day in which the selected capable people served the association for glorious four years term. IKAHI currently registered 3013 alumni that worked in multiple sectors such as diplomatic corps, researcher, lecturer, government employee, entrepreneur, journalist, etc.


Released by Tuhu Nugraha Dewanto | Translated by Retno Wulandari | Edited by dfa