Unpad Hypnosis Researchers Develop Audio Visual Method to Reduce Stress Caused by Covid-19

Tiga peneliti Hipnosis Universitas Padjadjaran yang mengembangkan


[unpad.ac.id, 13/4/2020] The emergency  period due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is very potential to cause the feeling of fear, stress, and anxiety among the community. Furthermore, the excessive anxiety, if can not be handled properly, will be prone to generate the symptoms of some diseases, including Coronavirus symptoms. In order to handle this condition, Hypnosis Researchers of Universitas Padjadjaran have developed the method to reduce the anxiety caused by The Coronavirus. The Method is called “Corona–19 Virus Affirmation”.

This method developed by three academicians of Unpad, who are incorporated in hypnosis researcher teamwork, Dr. Gilang Yubiliana (Faculty of Dentistry), Dr.Nani Darmayanti (Faculty of Cultural Sciences), and Mr. Jimi Narotama Mahameruaji (Faculty of Communication Science).  Those  academicians worked out the affirmation method  through the audio visual media. The aim of this research  is to make this media to be more effective utilized  in the process of self hypnosis during the isolation period due to the pandemic.

There were two steps in developing this method, firstly was preparing the affirmative sentence. This preparation involving a linguist, so in this case, Dr. Gilang collaborated with Dr. Nani to contribute in the term of linguistic study.

Affirmative sentence is a collection of words.  Those words, then, are arranged to become a sentence, and completed by certain linguistic strategy, and used in the process of self hypnosis.  This strategy is targeted  for using  the effectiveness of affirmative sentence  to provide individualistic peacefulness. Dr. Gilang said, “The linguistic strategy used on ‘Coronavirus–19 Affirmation Sentence’ has followed the basic pattern of hypnodontic communicative sentence”.

According to Dr. Gilang, it was scientifically proven that  following the pattern of hypnodontic communicative sentence could reduce the anxiety with hormone level biomarker. She obtained this analysis when She studied her doctoral program in 2016.

The next step is transferring  the affirmative sentence into audio visual media. The process  carried out by Jimi Narotama has succeeded in creating an audio visual media entitled  “Corona virus19 Affirmative Hypnosis intervention media”. This media is used for  self hypnosis process.  In this visual media, the team applied the techniques of static shooting with the object of beach background images and the sound of waves. The image is added with the slow motion effect to provide the feeling of quite, calm, dan relax.

“The choice of beach background images, which  is dominated by blue, can help  to reduce the anxiety”, added Dr. Gilang.  Before being used massively,  this intervention medium tested for validity and reliability. The team utilized online media of Google Survey Form and Youtube Unlisted by involving 30 respondents. In addition, the media is also being processed for their intellectual property rights. Dr. Gilang said that the  intervention media can be seen through the channel http://injabar.unpad.ac.id/hipnosis/ in the form of self-hypnosis application. (ofi/dfa) *


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