Unpad Won 4th National Ranking in the THE Impact Rankings 2020

Report by Erman

Universitas Padjadjaran. (Dadan Triawan)*

[unpad.ac.id, 4/23/2020] Universitas Padjadjaran has achieved a significant elevation in the ranking of the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2020 by being ranked 101-200 in the world or ranked 4th nationally. In the previous year, Unpad was ranked 301+ world or 6th nationally.

The THE Impact Rankings is an assessment of what the university performs through education, research, and community engagement to the 17 indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the impact it has on the wider community.

This year, assessments were carried out on 766 universities from 85 countries. The Impact Rankings 2020 announcement was held on Wednesday (22/4).

“Unpad academic community should be grateful for this achievement that what lecturers, students and all of us have done through tridarma (three benevolence-red.) of higher education have contributed to the SDGs, “said the Rector of Unpad, Prof. Rina Indiastuti.

This assessment, continued the Rector, reinforced that the various work done by the academic community through research, community engagement, education, and collaboration had a strong contribution to the implementation of SDGs because Unpad had strong discipline in the fields of agrocomplex, public health, sociohumaniora, and global cooperation.

“In the future, the power of education, research, and community engagement will be strongly expanded to certain measures on how education can be inclusively reached by the wider community,”said the Rector.

The THE Impact Ranking 2020 assesses Unpad’s contribution to 17 SDGs indicators, and the four indicators with the best score are No Poverty indicators by 66.1 points, Zero Hunger by 74.3, Good Health and Well-being by 64, and Partnership for the goals by 88.4. Overall, the average score achieved was 75.4 – 83.3, increased significantly compared to the previous year’s of 23.8 – 53.6.

“That’s correct, we acquired a very good rating in the partnership indicator. I think this is indeed one of the strengths of Unpad. Thank you to Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad (11th Rector of Unpad) who is also the initiator of the establishment of Unpad SDGs Center, also to Prof. Rina Indiastuti (Unpad Rector) who strongly encourages and accommodates all components in Unpad to always develop research collaborations both nationally and internationally,” said the Executive Director of Unpad SDGs Center, Prof. Zuzy Anna.

Meanwhile, the Head of Unpad International Office, Ronny, dr. M.Kes., AIFO., Ph.D., who has followed the development of the THE Impact Rankings so far, said that Unpad is now able to coordinate and collect data more comprehensively, along with website improvements and content updates so that it contributes to this significant increase.

Unpad SDGs Center

Furthermore Prof. Zuzy said, this achievement could not be separated from the work of all components in Unpad, related to the implementation of SDGs, supporting, and their implementation in institutions. SDGs Center is only one entity in the implementation of SDGs in Unpad. This achievement gives confidence that the SDGs Center was established with the mandate to bring a spirit of sustainable development that has historically been recorded in Unpad’s ‘DNA’.

In addition, said Prof. Zuzy, the THE Impact Rankings award also goes hand in hand with recognition of the Unpad SDGs Center both nationally and internationally as one of the pioneers and active players in the achievement of SDGs in Indonesia, and a references in various SDGs issues. Unpad SDGs Center was established on 1 April 2016 and is listed as the first SDGs Center in Indonesia. Unpad SDGs Center has a strategic function as one of the actors that has the role of encouraging the acceleration of sustainable development goals and providing policy recommendations to decision makers.

“So far, Unpad through the SDGs Center has produced a number of research related to SDGs in Indonesia which have become a reference in the implementation of SDGs in Indonesia, involved in knowledge transfer, facilitation and capacity building activities for government officials in preparing Regional Action Plans and national roadmaps. Unpad SDGs Center also developed SDGs Solution in the form of developing research, technology and policy innovation. As well as conducting seminars, workshops, book publications, research collaborations, etc.,” explained Prof. Zuzy

Prof. Zuzy asserted, Unpad SDGs Center will continue to try to develop competencies in education, research, and community engagement. Hopefully the SDGs Center can develop more intense cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions. “The main objective is to provide a wider impact for the welfare of the Indonesian people,” said Prof. Zuzy.(dfa) *

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