Unpad Expresses Strong Interest in Indonesia’s Ocean Sustainability

unpad rector at metro tv
The Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Rina Indiastuti, was invited as a guest in Selamat Pagi Indonesia "Laut Kita Hidup Kita" (“Our Sea Our Life”) on Metro TV, Wednesday (31/8/2022). (Image: Arif Maulana)*

[Kanal Media Unpad] The Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran, Prof. Rina Indiastuti, has expressed her interest in Indonesia’s extraordinary marine potential. Through the momentum of Lustrum XIII, Unpad particularly reiterates its strong attention towards Indonesia’s ocean sustainability as well.

“We maintain consistentcy in researching how the sea can maintain its purpose of providing for us while also having its environment protected. That way, the sea can always be our source of life,” stated the Rector during Selamat Pagi Indonesia “Laut Kita Hidup Kita” (“Our Sea Our Life”), a talk show on Metro TV, on Wednesday (31/8/2022).

The Rector further explained that Unpad’s attention on protecting the ocean is a form of support for what Prof. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja had done. Due to Prof. Mochtar’s 30 years of hard work and huge contributions, Indonesia’s territorial waters are now recognized worldwide.

In addition to the recognition, together with his fellow Unpad predecessors, Prof. Mochtar established “the advancement of law and environmental sustainability in national development” as the core foundation of Universitas Padjadjaran. According to the Rector, Unpad’s academicians have been encouraged to further raise awareness about the environment by implementing this core foundation.

The Rector further stated that this awareness has been manifested through the development of various research and innovations that lead to the utilization of the ocean’s potential while also maintaining its sustainability. One of them is the development of marine bioremediation research by making use of seaweed plants.

Through this research, seaweed is developed to be one of the means to clean the sea. “By cleaning it, our sea will become even more productive, leading to the sustainability of the ocean’s biodiversity as well,” she explained.

Furthermore, Unpad’s researchers have also succeeded in mapping the potential of Indonesia’s ocean. The results show that the fishery and aquaculture sectors in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) have the economic potential of 27 Billion USD and are able to provide employment for at least 7 million people.

“Therefore, let us maintain our ocean sustainability,” the Rector added.

A wide variety of research on other sectors has also been conducted, with some of the examples being the development of potential commodities cultivation as well as the development of marine biota to become valuable non-food products.

In the future, collaboration with various industries must be coordinated to turn those innovations into commercial products that are able to support economic growth.

The Director General of Fisheries of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Tb. Haeru Rahayu, appreciates Unpad’s support in conducting research on the ocean. According to him, the ministry itself also needs to collaborate with universities, either in producing new technology or conducting further research regarding fisheries.

Haeru admitted that the ​​6.8 million km² of ​​Indonesian waters have a huge potential to be developed. Based on his calculation, the area can be developed into 17 million ha of fish cultivation.

“We need all the support that Unpad can provide. With high-quality data, we will be able to formulate high-quality regulations and provide prosperity for the society,” he stated.*

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