Experiencing Jatinangor Campus Comfort, Participants are Ready to Face Pimnas 36

Participants of Pimnas 36 from Universitas Brawijaya taking a photo as they arrive at Universitas Padjadjaran campus, Jatinangor, Sunday (26/11/2023). (Photo: Juli Hartono)

Reported by Fajar Amali Kurniawan and Marsya Avelia

[Unpad Media Channel] Before the opening of Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional ke-36 (Pimnas 36), the participants, who have come from all corners of Indonesia, started to arrive at Universitas Padjadjaran’s Jatinangor Campus to prepare things such as registration, presentation installation, equipment loading, and attending the technical meeting on Sunday, November 26th 2023.

This enthusiasm is felt even more because of Pimnas 36 providing a new experience for many participants to explore the Unpad campus, such was the sentiment given by Tiopiolina, one leader of the PKM-RSH (Student Creativity Week – Social and Humanities Research) team from Universitas Negeri Medan.

“Since this is the first time I set foot in Universitas Padjadjaran, I am very much amazed seeing this Unpad campus. It’s verdant here and the Liaison Officers are very friendly while welcoming us, to the point where we don’t feel like strangers coming to Unpad,” said Tiopiolina.

The campus’ unique location in Jatinangor is also a point of interest often brought up by the participants regarding Unpad. A lot of the participants have the view that Unpad’s environment is very comfortable and mild, especially considering that the campus is surrounded by a mountainous range.

“So far it seems milder and calmer because the air back in Aceh is very much ‘beach’ air. So we came over here feeling a little bit cold,” said Zharfan Faiz Muhammad, one PKM-KC (Student Creativity Week – Innovations) participant from Universitas Syiah Kuala.

On the other hand, Agustinus Kevin Jaji, who is a student from Universitas Musamus Merauke and also a PKM-RSH participant, told the story of his preparation for Pimnas. Kevin and his team come from Indonesia’s Eastern edge, and have gone through quite the long journey.

“The journey was tiring, at first there was a four hour delay in Makassar. However, everything was worth it the second we set foot on Java island, entered Universitas Padjadjaran and registered. We want to show that we, who come from remote regions, can compete with other universities that have been long established. This is also to prove to our colleagues who have been knocked out since Papua only has two universities that qualified, Universitas Musamus Merauke and Universitas Cenderawasih,” said Kevin.

Entering the opening of Pimnas and the judging period, the participants came prepared. One of them is Arman, a PKM-RSH competitor from Universitas Lambung Mangkurat. Arman revealed that since the announcement of his qualifying for Pimnas on November 7th 2023, his team has received plenty of training from their faculty and university.

Alhamdulillah, when we arrived at the chilly Unpad, me and my friend are already prepared to compete,” said Arman enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Rina Fitri Marsha, a competitor from Universitas Negeri Makassar, valued Pimnas as a prestigious event in Indonesia. And for that, thorough preparation was done.

“Pimnas is a very prestigious event for universities all across Indonesia, a lot of things have been sacrificed and done by every student, accompanying lecturer, and university for this competition. Hopefully, Pimnas stays glorious and the result will equal the effort exerted,” said Rina.

The statement was echoed by Zharfan Faiz Muhammad, the PKM-KC representative from Universitas Syiah Kuala. It is hoped that Pimnas can open the way for young innovators and creators in universities across Indonesia to build a better Indonesia.

The enthusiasm and hopes of the Pimnas 36 participants project a good start to collaboratively make Pimnas 36 at Universitas Padjadjaran a success. (art)* (ICP)

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