Faculty of Agriculture Unpad and AAI Holds the International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Agribusiness

Group photo of International Conference on Innovation for Sustainable Agribusiness (ICISA) participants in Unpad's campus in Jatinangor. November 21st–23rd, 2023.

[Unpad Media Channel] Faculty of Agriculture Unpad collaborated with the Indonesia Agribusiness Association (Asosiasi Agribisnis Indonesia or AAI) in holding the International Conference on Innovation for Sustainable Agribusiness (ICISA) at Unpad’s campus in Jatinangor, November 21st-23rd, 2023.

The conference is expected to become a platform for discussion, sharing knowledge and experience, and forming innovative solutions to enhance sustainability in the agribusiness sector.

The international conference started with a workshop on writing for international journals titled “Publication Strategies—The Core of Scientific Advance” with speakers Dr. Rico Ihle from Wageningen University, Prof. Ir. Muhammad Arsyad, SP., M.Si., Ph. D from Universitas Hasanudin, and Prof. Tomy Perdana, SP., MM. from Unpad.

The workshop, which was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Unpad, Dr. Ir. Meddy Rachmadi, MP., not only focused on how to write international papers with high impact factors, but also talked about the pros and cons of publishing an article on open access mega journals.

On Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023, the main session of ICISA was opened by Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Arief S. Kartasasmita. ICISA also invited Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana (Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) as a keynote speaker. In her presentation, Prof. Armida emphasized the importance of innovation and sustainability in the agriculture sector in supporting global food security.

On the panel session, ICISA invited four speakers: Prof. Yosini Deliana, Ir., MS. (Unpad), Dr. Risti Permani (The University of Queensland), Dr. Rico Ihle (Wageningen University), and Ts. Dr. Abdul Rahman Saili (University Teknologi MARA).

Prof. Yosini focused on the relationship between green marketing with the sustainability of agribusiness. Dr. Risti studied the opportunities and struggles of the role of agrifood e-commerce in Indonesia. Dr. Rico discusses the literature related to the short supply chain in the development of sustainable food systems. This panel session ended with an explanation from Dr. Abdul Rahman about food security in Malaysia and important issues that could be implemented in the Indonesian context.

The ICISA Conference also invited speakers from several Indonesia universities to present their research results in four thematic sessions: Smart and Precision Agribusiness, Circular Economy in Agribusiness, Agribusiness for Culture and Tourism, and Institutional Innovation for Sustainable Agribusiness.

Participants of the international conference varied, from AAI members, practitioners, lecturers, university students, to stakeholders. All of whom had a significant contribution in creating a sustainable future for agribusiness.

The conference was concluded with the AAI national assembly which was attended by the management and members of AAI from all over Indonesia with the agenda of holding an accountability meeting for the management of 2019–2023, repositioning AAI into an organization of agribusiness professionals in a strategic alliance with IPSAgri, approval of the Revision of AAI Articles of Association and the main points of the AAI 2023–2027 work plan, and the election of the AAI Chairman for 2023–2027. (arm/SA)*

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